Santai Massage offers you to take the experience of the Tantric massage further, with the Yoni massage we add the perfect final touch to the erotic massage you want as a woman. Our massage center offers you the perfect erotic experience for this massage.

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The Yoni or Ionic massage, derived from the word Yoni, is a type of full-body tantric massage oriented to women and emphasizing not only the vulva but also the woman as such. The word Yoni is a representation of the vulva that symbolizes the Hindu goddess Sakti. The Yoni massage is (along with the Lingam massage) one of the most famous tantric massages, where certain erogenous areas of the woman’s body are also massaged, such as the labia majora and minora of the vulva, the clitoris, the so-called G-spot, the entrance to the vagina, the breasts, the anal and perianal area and other erogenous areas such as the armpits, feet or face.

Halfway between erotic and therapeutic massage

The yoni massage is part of the tantric massage, and as we have seen in other publications of our blog the tantric massage is halfway between erotic massage and therapeutic massage. Tantric massage is not used just for pleasure but to relax the receiver, putting special emphasis on connecting each and every different part of the body with the aim of relieving tension or stress, both physical and psychic.

Attention and relaxation at the same time

In a Yoni massage or female tantric massage the vulva is massaged with the aim that the woman explores her body (or rather allows someone else to do it) in a slow, methodical and sensual way, relieving her at the same time of all kinds of pressures in relation to sexual performance, self-image and the fact (uncomfortable at times) of receiving pleasure and attention without asking for anything in return. The ultimate goal of a Yoni massage is to help the woman feel comfortable in her own skin and more in tune with her body.

Some massage therapists specializing in tantric massage claim that a Yoni massage can be beneficial for women who have experienced or suffered some kind of sexual trauma.

The goal is not an orgasm

Contrary to what most people think, the purpose of Yoni massage is not to achieve orgasm, although it is quite common for it to happen if the woman relaxes enough. Massaging a large number of erogenous zones at once, and doing so in a context of relaxation and intimacy, helps greatly in reaching a climax.

Yoni massage

Position and types of techniques for Yoni massage

The most common positions for the yoni massage are either face down or face up, always exposing the vulva. Although the specific techniques for Yoni massage vary greatly depending on the masseur who practices it, most stimulation combines full body massage with massage of the genitals and erogenous zone, which are touched in the following way.


It massages the inner thighs, clitoris, labia, and the inside of the vagina, using different massage techniques, gentle pinching, circling or touching.


The breasts, as well as the different parts of the breast (nipple, areola…) are massaged together and separately.

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