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Women’s most common sexual fantasies

Fantasías sexuales más comunes en las mujeres - Blog Santai Masajes

Who said that “dirty” sexual fantasies are the exclusive prerogative of men? These are the seven forbidden dreams that women dare not talk about.

7 most common and daring erotic fantasies among women

Erotic fantasies play a fundamental role in everyone’s sex life, both women and men. Having sexual fantasies is completely normal, and in fact healthy: it is fundamental when it comes to self-eroticism, but also in relationships.

In the parallel universe of erotic fantasies everything is allowed and freedom is total. Moreover, the vast majority of fantasies are things that we would never, ever do in reality, and rightly so: their function is precisely to feed the mind. Moreover, the mere fact of talking about them with someone can be very exciting.

But since the human mind is relatively predictable, you won’t be surprised to learn that sexual fantasies tend to fall into a few categories and don’t vary much. Today we tell you about the most common ones for women.

Having sex with more than one man at the same time.

There is no woman who does not dream of receiving the physical attention of two men at the same time, even better if two friends compete for her attentions.

Playing the stripper

Have you ever thought, perhaps after a few shots of tequila, of giving your partner or lover a striptease? Of course, it takes a lot of self-confidence and that’s exactly what alcohol was invented for. However, it is a fantasy that not only excites women, but also men.

Having sex with another woman

This is one of the most common fantasies among women: sex with another woman, at least on a theoretical level, is something that raises the temperature of a woman’s thoughts a lot. Here, too, the rule of erotic fantasies in general applies: there is hardly ever a desire to make it come true.

Dominating the man

The obsession to dominate even in the bedroom is as deeply rooted in the female mind as football is in the male mind: there are many women who dream of seeing their man doing their bidding or submitting to them (whips and handcuffs make the game even more exciting).

Being a “slave”

For a woman to willingly submit to the game of “forced” sex, i.e. a dynamic that turns her into an erotic object and leaves the man in full control of the situation, is a real turn-on.

Having sex in unusual places

Getting caught exchanging hot effusions where you really shouldn’t, in public or in unusual places, is exciting, but while men love to put it into practice, women prefer the fantasy.

Getting an erotic massage with a happy ending

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