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Why are sexual fetishes so common?

girl preparing a sexual fetish

Sexual fetishes are a subject about which there are many taboos nowadays, but it is something much more common than it may seem. Many resort to it to get out of the routine or to experience new sensations, while others need to fix some part of the body or some garment related to it as an object of desire and excitement. In the following article we tell you exactly what sexual fetishes are and why they are more common than you might think.

What are sexual fetishes?

Sexual fetishism, or fetishes, are based on intense sexual arousal by means of a specific object or part of the human body. In general, these behaviours are considered normal, as they are simply conceived as an additional stimulus in a satisfying sexual relationship. However, in those cases in which the fetish becomes an indispensable element for arousal, without achieving arousal in any other way, we can speak of a disorder.

Most common sexual fetishes


Bondage or domination/submission and sadism/masochism (BDSM) is the most commonly fancied hobby. This obviously reflects a wide spectrum of behaviours, from the mildest to the wildest, and most people find themselves at the mild end, with fantasies about adopting dominant or submissive roles, tying up a partner or being tied up, and engaging in light sadomasochism (think spanking). For some, it is simply an escape from the confines of traditional gender roles. For others, it is an escape from self-consciousness or exploring other facets of the self.

woman in sexual fetish


Fantasies about watching another person undress or having sex are very common. It is appealing to many because we are very visual creatures when it comes to sex, like watching porn in real life. However, voyeurism fantasies often involve sneaking around as well, so part of the appeal could be the thrill of doing something you’re not supposed to do.


Threesomes are one of the most common sexual fetishes par excellence. Whether it’s with two men, two women, or any number of possibilities, the idea of being able to be with more than one person in bed at a time is a fantasy for many.

Erotic massages

Erotic massages are another big favorite among sexual fetishes. When it comes to erotic massage, sensual touch and massage techniques are used on another person’s body to awaken their sexual energies and target erogenous zones. Among the multitude of erotic massages that can be found, prostate massages and four-handed massages stand out.

Role-play and costumes

Role-playing is one of the most common crazes and consists of playing characters out of everyday life, usually as part of a sexual scene. This can range from putting on a tie and pretending to be your partner’s boss, channelling your favorite TV character, or even creating a whole stage full of characters.

Body parts

Another of the most common sexual fetishes is found in body parts. Some people are brutally attracted to feet, breasts, buttocks or any other part of the human body. These are not people who emphasize the importance of these areas, but often, these parts symbolize the whole man or woman, so it is of vital importance that they meet their expectations to bring out the excitement and desire.


This fetish, in short, means that a person goes crazy for people wearing latex clothing. Although someone might think that this type of sexual desire is rare, in reality, it is one of the most common fetishes that can be found. People all over the world enjoy latex clothing. Age, gender and sexuality are irrelevant.

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