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Why are foreplay important in sex?

A sexual relationship is like a dance, a mating ritual. In this context, the set of caresses that are performed before the sexual act itself, the so-called foreplay, function as a warm-up, a pleasant foray into the other’s erotic universe, which can begin with a kiss, a caress or a simple look.

The importance of foreplay in sex

When the preliminaries occur by mutual agreement and of their own free will, they create a pattern of harmony in the couple, in addition to preparing the bodies for the sexual act. Thus, these caresses end up working as an awakening for every cell of the body, a warning of what is going to happen.

However, the shortage of preliminaries and complaints about the lack of them is almost unanimous among women. For foreplay to happen, you need to invest in yourself and make it clear to your partner.

Why are they important to women

Women take longer than men to get aroused. So, if it is the man who initiates, and although at first they do not have much or no desire, in general the girls allow themselves to be caressed and played innocently. In most of the times the female desire arises and begins in this phase, and grows as the caresses go up in level.

In either case (be it the man or the woman who initiates the approaches), it is worth taking advantage of the knowledge that is had in reference to the couple to warm the environment.

partner in foreplay sex

Why are they important to man

The preliminaries function both as a moment of mutual knowledge and exploration of new sensations. The more affection and caresses, the more intimacy, the more involvement, the more desire, and the more the body responds to these stimuli. In addition, for men, delaying penetration helps reduce anxiety and nervousness, which are very common in men with erection problems and premature ejaculation.

Erogenous and foreplay zones

Each individual reacts differently to each stimulus, but in general, the human body offers points more susceptible to sexual stimulation than others, the so-called erogenous zones.

Preliminaries with erogenous zones

As we saw in old posts, erogenous zones can be of two types: primary or secondary. In addition, it may be that in addition to those erogenous zones (the parts of the body that have a large number of neurotransmitters), sexual desire can also be built based on parts of the body that awaken an erotic imagination, causing excitement by what they represent rather than by the sensation they cause. That is why it is so important to know what gives you pleasure to yourself and to discover with your partner what he or she feels.

As preliminaries, we recommend the prostate massage or also the nuru massage, since they are massages that as preliminaries are stimulating to the maximum.

The importance of the word

In addition to the erogenous zones themselves, the best way to work the foreplay is by stimulating the most important sexual organ that exists: the brain. Communication between the couple during this phase (what we want to do, what we find attractive in the other…) is extremely important to create the environment for a satisfactory sexual relationship.Preliminaries In Sex Are They Important? | Santai Massages

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