In previous articles we reviewed the different erogenous zones of women and men. In the case of men, one of the parts of the body that focuses most attention is the prostate. But what exactly is the prostate and how is it properly massaged?

What is the prostate?

The prostate is a gland present in the vast majority of mammalian animals and that in man is located just below the bladder of the male. The size of the prostate is like that of a walnut or chestnut, is an inseparable part of the male reproductive system and has a key function for reproduction, along with the testicles and seminal vesicles.

Prostate Functions

The prostate is passed through by the urethra, the tube that connects the bladder to the outside through the penis and allows urine to pass. The function of the prostate is therefore also to close or block the urethra to prevent urine from coming out during intercourse or ejaculation. That’s why, if you’re a man, you have such a hard time urinating when you have an erection or have just ejaculated: until your prostate has relaxed, it doesn’t reopen the urethra, so you can’t urinate. The prostate is the organ responsible for ejaculation and its function is as follows:

  • It collects the sperm that are created in an uninterrupted way in the testicles.
  • Collects fluid from the seminal glands
  • Adds the following elements:
    • Antigen (substance that triggers the formation of antibodies)
    • Spermina
    • Zinc (antibacterial properties)
    • Magnesium (coagulating properties)
    • Different enzimes

Its contractions cause the spermatozoa, seminal fluid and all the added elements -the semen- to come out through ejaculation.

The prostate as an erogenous zone

Since it is found inside the man’s body, just below the bladder, the best way to access it is through the anus. The function of the prostate is key to orgasm -as we have said the prostate is responsible of the ejaculation with its contractions- so a prostate massage can cause orgasm and ejaculation without stimulating the male genitals at all.

Intensifying pleasure through prostate stimulation

Correct stimulation of the prostate along with stimulation of the genitals will intensify the orgasm in a very extraordinary way. However, there are certain rules to follow so that the man who receives the prostate massage can fully enjoy the experience.

Tips for doing a prostate massage correctly

The prostate is about 3-4 centimeters from the entrance of the anus. Latex gloves and lubrication are recommended to stimulate the prostate. The best method is with the index or ring finger, as you will have a better sense of touch than if you use “dildo type” stimulators.

Massaging the sides

The prostate should be massaged from the sides, as stimulation of the central area is not pleasant because it is branched with nerve endings.

Avoid sudden movements

A too vigorous prostate massage is clearly counterproductive because it can cause discomfort, pain or even inflammation of the prostate itself, the muscles or nearby nerves. For this reason it is recommended to do it manually against the use of dildos or prostate stimulators.