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What is the P-Spot?

Of all the erogenous points and areas highly sensitive to sexual stimulation the most famous is undoubtedly the G-spot, that supposed internal area of the vagina that some people seem to believe causes instant orgasms. It should be said that the G-spot is nothing more than the inner face of the clitoris, the structure that surrounds the vagina on both sides and on top, with the most visible part of the clitoris being found on the upper part of the vulva. However, in recent years, the so-called male P-spot has become trendy, spot which is nothing more than the prostate itself (the letter P is the first letter of the word prostate).

What is the P-spot: Prostate massage

Prostate massage is a perfect option for stimulating the area related to the P-spot. Therefore, this practice should follow a series of tips to help stimulate it.

stimulate the p spot

In this article we will review how to perform a prostate or P-spot massage correctly so that the man can obtain an amazing orgasm.

Before stimulating the P-spot

Hygiene is extremely important in this type of massage, and it is advisable to wash yourself properly before stimulating the area. Although a shower is often enough, it is never a bad idea to have an indoor shower (known as an enema). In any sexshop, whether in person or online, you can find inserts for anal cleansing, which allow you to insert warm water into the rectum for optimal cleaning.

Where to find the P-spot

Locating the prostate should not be too complicated: it is anatomically located about 3 or 4 cm inside the anus, and it is quite advisable to use latex gloves and abundant lubrication to access the area. If we or our partner are not used to stimulating the anal area, it may take a few minutes to reach a state of relaxation and access to that area of the body can be done without discomfort. To start off , the best way to access the area is by using the index or ring finger, with lubricant (much better if it is a specific lubricant for the anal area) since neither of those two fingers is too thick and it will also allow us to feel with care and prudence.

The dildo or prostatic massager should only be used with those guys who already have experience with massage and stimulation of the P-spot.

How to massage and stimulate the P-spot

The prostate is the organ responsible for ejaculating the semen outwards by contracting its micro muscles. However, massaging it intensely and directly is not recommended, since we can interfere precisely with the contractions that occur during the orgasm itself. For that reason it is much more advisable to stimulate the prostate by one of the sides and not do it directly. In the case of doing so directly we must try to make it at the beginning of the massage and not when the man is approaching or while orgasming.

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