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What is the Karezza method in sex?

Karezza is a type of gentle and affectionate sexual intercourse and is becoming very fashionable lately as an antidote to fight against fast sex that focuses only on the orgasm. Well, in this post we tell you all the details.

Karezza is a slow, sensual form of sex that removes climax as the ultimate outcome of the sexual equation, leaving much more room for emotional connection and a focus on promoting affection between lovers.

Origins of the Karezza method

The Karezza method has ancient spiritual roots, but began to take hold in the modern era with the publication of the book Karezza: The Ethics of Marriage by gynaecologist Alice Bunker Stockham (1833-1912), the fifth American woman to become a physician. For much of her career, Stockham promoted gender equality, the reform of men’s and women’s dress and dress, birth control, and male and female sexual satisfaction to achieve happy and successful marriages. Stockham coined the term karezza, which she took from the Italian word carezza, meaning “caress”.

What is the Karezza method based on?

The intention of the karezza method is to deepen the sexual and emotional connection between the two lovers. The Karezza method teaches couples to focus on the whole being and body of the other person, not just a specific body part. The basics of Karezza are to relax, communicate and be aware of the present moment. This type of method is very similar to the erotic massage for couples that can be found in the different types of erotic massage.

Benefits of Karezza

The benefits of karezza are mainly twofold:

  1. It allows you to explore other forms of pleasure beyond orgasm. Many people can get caught up in the single (and sometimes unsuccessful) goal of having an orgasm, which can distract you from really enjoying sex.
  2. It is a more affectionate form of sex. Karezza encourages couples to take time to caress, touch, compliment and kiss each other.

How to practice Karezza

Do you want to start having sex in Karezza mode? Then follow our tips below:

  • Create a sensual space dedicated exclusively to your pleasure.
  • It is very important to have the right environment for intimacy, ideally an intimate and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.
  • Set your intentions and goals for the sex session. It can be to stimulate the man’s erogenous zones or the woman’s erogenous zones for more mutual stimulation.
  • When you set out to try karezza, you and your partner should go into the sexual session with a specific mindset about the kind of experience you are trying to create. Keep in mind that the practice is meant to touch and be in contact with the whole body, not just the genitals.
  • Start slowly and sensually.
  • Start by gently massaging or running your fingertips over your partner’s body, paying attention to places you might normally neglect during sex.
  • Emphasise communication.
  • Pay each other compliments.
  • Use face-to-face positions.
  • Take it easy.

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