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Thai Massage, what is it?

Today we want to talk about Thai massages, this is a type of massage that focuses on perception, on the other hand, this erotic massage is one of those that bring a greater stretch to the body, and depth. Normally this type of massage, usually occurs on the floor, with the person massaged in comfortable clothes but allowing movement. In Thai this type of massage, receives a very long name that means “old fashioned massage”.

Who invented this type of massage? This type of massage was invented by Shivago Komarpaj, and is closely related to Thai medicine, according to Buddhist history this was the Buddha’s personal physician 2500 years ago. During this time the medicine that was used in traditional China is combined with the ayurvedic knowledge, and in this way the 4 branches of traditional Thai medicine are created:

  1. Herbal remedies
  2. Nutritional medicine
  3. Spiritual practices
  4. Thai Massage

All these types of medicines also influence Ayurvedic knowledge. The very history of Thai massage is quite complex, and Thai massage is just like traditional Thai medicine, is a combination of different cultures and traditions of Indian medicine, but also has great influences of Chinese medicine, and medicine of Southeast Asia. Even today there is a big difference between the medicine that is practiced from one region to another in Thailand, and that is that there is no single theoretical framework, but each one has its own variations.

How is a Thai massage given?

The most common is that the person who will receive the Thai massage, put on loose and very comfortable clothes and lie down on a mattress or mattress that is firm. This type of massage can be done either alone or in groups, in this massage the person who receives it becomes an active part of the massage since during this, he will be putting a series of postures similar to those used in yoga.

The masseuse will support your entire body on the body of the person receiving the massage, making special pressure with your hands and forearms, in this way you can apply a much firmer pressure.

The Thai massages will follow the “Sen” line of the body, a kind of body energy map. To give this type of massage you can use both legs and feet of the masseur, in order to fix your own body or limbs of the person who will receive the massage. The hands themselves are going to be fixed to the body, and the feet are going to take care of giving the massage.

How long is a Thai massage?

A full session of this type of massage can last up to 2 hours or more, this also includes rhythmic pressure, and stretching, also usually includes stretching of the fingers, and of the feet, ears and knuckles.

What techniques are included in Thai massages?

During the Thai massages, 3 different disciplines meet that previously were used in the traditional treatment.

The technique of kneading the muscles.

The technique that includes manipulation of the bones.

The technique of acupressure, where certain acupuncture points and certain energy lines are going to be pressed.

In Santai, we offer the possibility of combining it with a massage with happy ending, for a total relaxation of the person receiving the massage.

What is the fundamental objective of Thai massages?

The fundamental objective pursued by Thai massages is to harmonize the body of the massaged person, providing a state of fluidity of their energy, and in turn, stimulating the energy of the erotic massage body. On the other hand, we also seek to balance the functions of the organism in the 4 elements of the body.

  • The element of earth, with respect to the body this would be the bones, muscles…
  • The water, if we thought about the human body, this would be the blood and the secretions.
  • The element of fire, with respect to the human body, would be digestion and the metabolism itself.
  • The element of air, in this case would be breathing and blood circulation.

The traditional medicine massages are practically art, in Thailand this type of massage is practiced both in medical centres, as in the temples, and also within the family bond itself.

what is thai massage

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