For many years (and even centuries), asses have always been in fashion. A target of the glances of both sexes, for some years now the asses have taken on even more importance, partly thanks to some famous people who have made their asses an inseparable part of their public image (yes, we are thinking the same as you, in the well-known Kardashians, in Jennifer Lopez, in footballers like Hazard or Beckham …).

However, in the case of men’s asses, nobody talks about the small gland that lives inside them: the prostate. In Santai we have searched online (there is a Reddit thread that gathers a wide variety of descriptions) some experiences of guys that describe what it feels like to receive a prostate massage. This has encouraged us to write a post about the sensations of prostate massage so that you can try it the next time you visit us.

What it feels like to have a prostate orgasm

With my girl we used a small, thin vibrator, nothing out of the ordinary. The use of lubricant is essential. When my girl introduced the vibrator in me, the sensations were immediate: you don’t really realize nor can you imagine the large number of nerve endings that exist inside you until they directly manipulate your prostate. I had an erection immediately, and I started to feel totally new internal sensations and different from the typical sensations when masturbating the penis in the “classic” way. There was a moment when I pressed against the vibrator and then I felt a tingling inside me and all over my body. This quickly turned into an unexpected and incredible orgasm. Ejaculation was one of the biggest I’ve ever had, both in quantity and in power.

What it feels like to have a prostate orgasm

[…] my girlfriend started teasing me by caressing my testicles and penis while she was lying next to me. I suggested that we should use the prostatic massager that we had bought on Amazon, so she introduced it and continued to caress me. After about 10-15 minutes he sat down, took lubricant, sprayed it on my penis and started masturbating while gently rubbing the prostate massager, so that it moved inside me very slightly but very noticeably. I lost track of time, it could have been 1 minute, 5…. all I concentrated on was enjoying that blissful feeling: it was so fucking good! Then it came out of nowhere: a huge wave of pleasure crashing into me. Wave after wave, they crashed into me as I ejaculated non-stop on my girl’s hand and on my belly. I have never experienced such a powerful orgasm and I am still in shock for how incredibly intense it was. I was honestly shaking a little after all that had happened. I hope to have more orgasms like this in the future.

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