The world of so-called erotic massages is a place to be well, a place where problems disappear and above all expert hands that fill with eroticism and pleasure all the senses of your body.

Erotic massage is based on the close relationship of trust that is created with the masseuse. Through the gentle caresses and the intensity of forces with them, the masseur and the receiver, create a very strong union bond getting sensitivity to become the protagonist, taking your most intimate desires to the limit.

There are many varieties of erotic massage including the Nuru massage. This massage of sensual characteristics has two basic characteristics: that the two bodies are naked and have the Nuru gel.

Nuru gel comes from Japan and is attributed sensual and erotic properties, the density of this gel is more dense so it’s proclaimed as a faithful winner for use in erotic massages.

To start with the Nuru massage the professional covers with the gel the entire body of the receiver to have greater access to all areas of your body.

The massage will begin based on the areas most likely to be affected by stress and pressure, such as the neck, shoulders or back.

When these areas have relaxed the erotic massage will focus on relaxing and stimulating the most sensitive areas such as the neck, groins, feet and hands.

You and the masseuse will form a unique union filling the session with passion, eroticism and lust. If you are already an expert in sensual and erotic massages, you can also set the pace for the professional so that the whole session is what you have expected. If, on the other hand, you are a novice in these matters, our advice is to let yourself be carried away by truly professional hands.