Lingam massage is a tantric practice that focuses on the massage of the penis from a sexual as well as a spiritual point of view. It is one of the massages practiced during a tantric massage. The equivalent of lingam massage for women is the Yoni massage, where we give special attention to the vulva and the erogenous zones of the female body. Unlike a mere stimulation of the penis, where the only thing done is to massage it with the aim of bringing the person receiving the stimulation to a climax, a tantric massage incorporates other massage techniques including the testicles, the anal and perianal area and even the prostate.

Inseparable part of the tantric massage

The lingam massage does not seek an orgasm but is oriented from the perspective of the tantric massage, seeking the connection of the different chakras or energy points of the body according to the tantric philosophy. Lingam could be translated from Sanskrit as “rod of light”, and the lingam massage is oriented from the maximum respect and care possible to the penis and the person itself (as is done with the yoni massage). Offering a lingam massage, especially if you practice it with your partner, is the equivalent of a conscious exchange of energy for the mere act of giving pleasure, from the point of view of tantra.

Most common techniques for a lingam massage

A lingam massage is not about bringing the recipient to an orgasm and nothing else. Lingam massage is a practice that honors the penis and those who have it; a Lingam massage is done to give pleasure and to learn how to circulate energy between the different chakras of the body. And yes, you can experience an orgasm during a lingam massage, and even several at once. Here are some of the most common techniques used during a lingam massage.

The most common position

It doesn’t matter if the massage recipient is going to be placed face up or face down, the important thing is that the massage recipient feels comfortable and that the legs are separated to have access to the genitals. A very important part of a lingam massage (and any tantric massage) is breathing: controlling the breathing will help the massage recipient to relax.

Lingam massage

Massaging the genital area

It is important to massage the area around the testicles and the penis but not directly, but rather by subtly approaching them. For example, ~we can start by massaging the inner thighs before approaching the penis itself. Then, massage the testicles and penis, and also the perianal area.

Massaging the perianal area

Both external and internal stimulation techniques are normally used to massage one of the most erogenous points in the man’s body: the prostate. In the case of internal stimulation techniques we would be talking about prostate massage, which is also quite common as a complement to a lingam massage. In the case that the receiver of the massage only wants an external massage, the person can be placed face down so that the anal and perianal area is massaged, carrying out small massages and pressing on the area in a subtle way.

Enjoy a lingam massage

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