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What is kundalini yoga?

Whoever practices yoga seeks the deep intimacy of the here and now. Thanks to its practice we become sensitive to our physical sensations, and thus the intelligence of the body and its deep wisdom can lead us to the maximum understanding of ourselves. Known since ancient times, kundalini yoga bases its experience on the ultimate goal of achieving personal awareness. It thus becomes a path with a defined purpose that goes beyond physical practice.

What is kundalini yoga

The term kundal, derived from sanskrit, refers to the image of energy as a snake located at the base of the spine, which is intended to be awakened through exercise. The aim of kundalini yoga is to excite or awaken the dormant Kundalini and gradually raise it towards the sahasrara chakra through the Sushumna nadi (The nadis are subtle channels in the body through which praná or ‘inspired air’ flows), thus boosting the great creative potential latent in each person from self-awareness and being able to achieve authentic happiness.

What is the practice of kundalini yoga?

Kundalini is based on breathing (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas), and meditation. Thanks to these three pillars of practice, this style of yoga aims to awaken the energy of the practitioner, relax the mind and body and restore the balance of the chakras, the energy points of our body.

This is about a type of yoga suitable for everyone, regardless of age, physical abilities and physiological difficulties. Mudras, positions of the hands and fingers that stimulate certain areas of the brain and lead, according to tradition, to self-healing, are also often practiced.

Lastly, at the beginning and end of the practice, it is common to chant mantras to begin and end the lesson. Kundalini yoga addresses the need to transcend the body and connect with all that is sacred.

Main benefits of Kundalini yoga

As we have seen, kundalini yoga is useful for achieving various goals for the body and mind. The most important is the stimulation of personal energy and the activation of the body’s chakras. In addition, through constant practice it is possible to:

  1. Improve your posture and strengthen your muscles: asanas allow you to become aware of your body and be able to activate the muscles of your back that are responsible for many of our incorrect postures.
  1. Reduce and regulate blood pressure: yoga is a practice that improves blood pressure to an optimal and stable level.
  1. Relax the tensions in the body: thanks to the postures performed during the practice and the breathing techniques applied, it is possible to relax the body and release any muscular tension.
  1. Improve the emotional state: kundalini yoga stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness; as a result, we improve our mood and our approach to life.
  1. Improve the quality of sleep: if it’s practiced before going to bed, it helps to sleep better and longer, counteracting insomnia problems, awakenings during the night and difficulty falling asleep.
  1. Increases concentration, focus and attention: in general, it leads to greater mental clarity, deep inner calm and self-control, and allows one to find one’s own path, the path of self-realization.

Kundalini yoga and sexuality

According to the scriptures collected in the ancient vedas, when the male semen (Bindu) and the female flow (Raja), are not consumed in sexual practice, they are transmuted into a precious “golden essential oil” (Ojas). In ancient Vedic manuscripts it is explained that such oil is for the renewal and regeneration of all bodily organs.

Kundalini Yoga invites the conscious exercise of sexuality, since each sexual experience can bring us closer to deep and revealing states of consciousness. According to the philosophy of Kundalini yoga, the preservation of sexual strength and vitality well into old age is by no means unattainable.

For this reason it is important to work the body in its entirety, to be open and sensitive to its listening in order to respect and honor it. In particular, many kriyas work vigorously on the energetic activation of the abdomen and sexual glands, favoring energy circulation and awareness of the body and breathing. Get to know our center is located in the center of Barcelona, our experienced erotic masseuses in the erotic and tantra world dominate the best oriental techniques to provide you with moments of relaxation and maximum pleasure. You can choose between Nuru, Tantra, Yoni massage and many more.

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