An erotic massage is literally a relaxing massage, which is done with the whole body, a way to feel like the massage professional rubs your whole body with yours creating a 100% exciting environment.

Although the practices of the erotic masseuses are very important it’s necessary that the environment of the massage cabin accompanies the act. Candles that will give a dim and diffuse light, a soft incense and of course a bed for erotic massages on the floor, full of soft and comfortable futons where your whole body will rest.

Most of our cabins have a mirror just in front of the bed so the person who discovers what an erotic massage can see at all times what movements the professional performs on his back or the area to relax.

If you want to know what an erotic massage really is, we recommend a massage centre like Santai Masajes in which the experience is responsible for ensuring a pleasant experience, without deception and real. An experience that as much as possible we try to adapt to you with the firm intention that your wellbeing becomes a daily visit, in a routine in which Santai Masajes will become your corner of well-being, in that space where the problems disappear for give way to a state of total relaxation.

We discuss in this article the best way to discover what an erotic massage is but we want to remember that we have an offer in terms of very varied massages, also combining massage with hair removal, something you won’t find in many of the centres you visit.

This shows, once again, that in Santai Masajes you will be able to find a space where we do everything based on what you are looking for and need