Tantric massage: body and spirit

The confusion between erotic massages and tantric massages is very common. The lack of knowledge about everything related to sex is mainly due to the fact that the sexual education we receive from a very young age is very precarious and oriented in most cases only to inform about contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted diseases.

The individual is not given the opportunity to discover his/her body and is not educated so communication -and something very important of human sexuality such as the emotional and affective part– has the consideration that it should. Many people tend to relate tantric massage only to sex and genitals, when in fact it includes a very large affective, emotional and spiritual component.

The divinity of sexuality

The adjective “Tantric” comes from “tantra“, an Eastern esoteric tradition that is thousands of years old and is present in Hinduism, Buddhism and in many of the countries that concentrate more believers of those two religions, such as India, Tibet, China, Nepal or Bhutan.

Tantra recognizes divinity in everything that surrounds the human being, including its sexuality. Tantric massage, therefore, is a massage technique that seeks to balance the senses with the body in order to reach a higher state of consciousness. In fact, several of the massage and relaxation techniques used in a tantric massage were already described in the famous Kamasutra, 1,800 years ago.

Connect with yourself

Tantric massage seeks to connect the 7 chakras (energy zones) through movements, massages, pressure and subtle touches. Everything is done very slowly, with hot oils, giving much importance to breathing, which should be slow, deep and with very long expirations. The genitals are not excluded from the massage area but are also caressed, although they are not touched to stimulate but to feel them as a part of our body as a whole.

The intention is not the ecstasy or orgasm but physical and mental development as a whole, connecting each and every part of the body to each other. Tantric massage wants you to know your own body, erogenous zones and pressure areas.

Connect with the other person

Tantric massage is not performed in a specific way or following any manual. The person who gives the massage will adapt to the sensations of the one who receives it and both people, both the one who receives the massage and the one who practices it, are completely naked, to achieve a state of total connection between both minds and bodies.

Tantric massage must be understood from an oriental approach and perspective: that one that seeks to activate the senses and energies hidden in the body itself without turning it into a sexual practice.

Tantric massage: a new horizon of sensations

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