Sensitive massages, like all types of known erotic massages, are a resource used to relieve the ailments that we can suffer normally. In this article you will know everything you need to know about these massages and how they work in our body.

The sensitive massage is not exactly a kind of massage that is used in a therapeutic way, being rather aimed at people who are totally healthy but who can help them deal with the stress that we live in our day to day. Being referred to as an “anti-stress massage”.

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How sensitive massage is applied

It should be applied with gentle movements, trying never to lose contact or make changes of very abrupt rhythms. Being a relaxation massage, it should be intended to be given throughout the body with the help of passive movements in the joints and gentle stretching.

When carrying out this type of massage, what should be considered is the fulfilment of 2 objectives: the first one is that simply with touch, a sense of security and acceptance must be provided so that all types can be released tensile; The second objective is to make the blood travel to its respective destination through displacement.

We achieve these objectives through a technique that focuses on sliding and pressure that is gentle but firm. Carefully, because excessive pressure can generate pain and discomfort for the body but it’s also not enough to not cause anxiety in the patient. The correct way to do it’s by exerting pressure with the palms of your hands and/or with your forearms; If more pressure is required, rubbing and sliding techniques can be added.

Sensitive massage has certain characteristics that differentiate them from other types of massages and can be summarised as follows: Intensity should be applied gently, changes in rhythms should be harmonious, contact should be broad and constant, development is slow and It must be carried out in silence.

Benefits of sensitive massages

The benefits of sensitive massage will be different in one patient or another depending on what the patient’s main need is and in the same way we will know how effective it has been; being this kind of massage the most effective to a greater extent. Here I present the benefits that this massage provides in a general way:

  • It contributes to the circulation: as already mentioned, stimulating the muscles with the appropriate movements will cause the blood to reach its destination in the correct way as well as eliminate the toxins present in it.
  • Releases stress: the main objective of this massage is also one of its greatest benefits. Performing these massages frequently will cause the accumulation of tension that we suffer from day to day to be drained. In addition to being a great option when feeling down.
  • Performing this kind of massage brings physical and psychological improvements to your body: on different occasions, the physical ailments for which we go with a masseuse are actually caused by emotional issues (mainly stress) with sensitive massages being the main solution for that kind of questions.
  • Avoid contractures: one of the main problems of stress is that if not treated in time makes the tensions are accumulated to a point in which pain and / or discomfort are generated in different parts of the body. It goes without saying that sensitive massages are the main solution for this.

They will make you have a better physical appearance: The benefits of sensitive or tantric massages are not only internal but rather to improve the blood circulation that in turn brings oxygen to the muscles will make you look with a slender figure and a tone defined muscle

As you can see, sensitive massages applied in the best way and with the appropriate guidelines can make your emotional and physical health noticeably improved with just a few sessions. Free yourself from the stress of your day-to-day trying sensory massages!

What is Santai’s sensitive erotic massage based on?

The sensitive massage that we apply in Santai is based on the relaxation of the body and the mind in an atmosphere of relaxing music, candles and low light.

We begin with the feet with a series of slow and very sensitive movements that spread throughout the body making a special mention in the head where we massage all the nervous areas.

In sensual massages we barely caress the body with our hands being a highly sensitive massage.

The connection between massage therapist and receiver is extreme since it’s a highly sensitive massage.

It’s essential to massage the sensitive areas of the head, feet, buttocks and back to achieve maximum body relaxation.

These massages are very relaxing and help to improve the muscles of the body, they are also applied to the feet where there are relaxation channels that are distributed throughout the body.

If you want your senses to wake up and you want to relax completely, without a doubt, the sensitive massages of Santai are what you are looking for, don’t wait any longer and come and see us.

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Our rooms, fully equipped, will help your massage to be perfect, we create an atmosphere of tranquillity and unmatched safety, thus achieving the greatest complicity with the masseuse, making the massage very sensual for both your mind and your body.

From your arrival we will pamper you that your comfort is maximum.