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Sensitive massages, like all types of known erotic massages, are a resource used to relieve the ailments that we can suffer normally. In this article you will know everything you need to know about these massages and how they work in our body.

The Santai Sensitive massage tastes the techniques of a good erotic massage. An hour in which you will enjoy all the sensuality, delicacy, softness and a pleasant connection with the masseuse of your choice, as it is performed entirely naked on a futon and with a high degree of complicity with the masseuse with whom you are going to enjoy an intense body to body until you reach absolute pleasure.

How is sensory massage performed?

Our Santai Sensitive massage is one of the most popular erotic massages in the industry, also called body to body. The integral massage refers to the direct contact completely naked with the masseuse, together with a pleasurable and tasty interaction at the end of the massage, which will make you reach the culmination of the most pleasurable ecstasy.

A massage combined with muscular intensity techniques, soft caresses all over the body, sensual and slow movements to help us relax during its application. Then, in a progressive way, the masseuse will perform her body to body sliding in different positions increasing the magic of the moment by involving the client in the degree of interaction. Eroticism, sensuality, beauty, serenity and perversion go hand in hand to pleasure. Hands, breasts, feet, buttocks and thighs impregnated with hot oil, an extreme mutual sensation in all your senses together with a deserved interaction will make your integral the best tested in Barcelona.

Benefits of sensitive massages

The benefits of sensitive massage will be different in one patient or another depending on what the patient’s main need is and in the same way we will know how effective it has been; being this kind of massage the most effective to a greater extent. Here I present the benefits that this massage provides in a general way:

  • It contributes to the circulation: as already mentioned, stimulating the muscles with the appropriate movements will cause the blood to reach its destination in the correct way as well as eliminate the toxins present in it.
  • Releases stress: the main objective of this massage is also one of its greatest benefits. Performing these massages frequently will cause the accumulation of tension that we suffer from day to day to be drained. In addition to being a great option when feeling down.
  • Performing this kind of massage brings physical and psychological improvements to your body: on different occasions, the physical ailments for which we go with a masseuse are actually caused by emotional issues (mainly stress) with sensitive massages being the main solution for that kind of questions.
  • Avoid contractures: one of the main problems of stress is that if not treated in time makes the tensions are accumulated to a point in which pain and / or discomfort are generated in different parts of the body. It goes without saying that sensitive massages are the main solution for this.

They will make you have a better physical appearance: The benefits of sensitive or tantric massages are not only internal but rather to improve the blood circulation that in turn brings oxygen to the muscles will make you look with a slender figure and a tone defined muscle

As you can see, sensitive massages applied in the best way and with the appropriate guidelines can make your emotional and physical health noticeably improved with just a few sessions. Free yourself from the stress of your day-to-day trying sensory massages!

Do you want to enjoy a Sensitive massages? Discover our sensual masseuses who perform this type of massage.


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