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What is a glanderian massage?

The glanderian massage is a massage focused mainly on the glans, and brings together in the same practice techniques of tantric massage. Specifically it uses some movements, techniques and approach that the known as lingam massage (what in tantric philosophy is the penis). Lingam means “light stick” in Sanskrit. Although the glanderian massage may seem a simple stimulation this is not so, but what glanderian massage seeks is that the person receiving the massage feels his penis as a part of his body.

What does glanderian massage actually consist of?

Glanderian massage focuses primarily on the glans area, although it does not fail to stimulate the areas adjacent to the glans as well. Although many sex toys designed specifically for glans stimulation can be found on the internet, there is nothing more natural and relaxing than glanderian stimulation with the hands practiced by a third person.

How is a glanderian massage performed?

The glanderian massage is done with the hands and focuses not only on the glans penis, but also on the frenulum and the foreskin, which are the three most sensitive erogenous zones of the male sexual organ. The testicles and the perianal area are also massaged, combining the areas around the penis according to the masseur’s choice. The glanderian massage is very similar, as we have said, to the lingam massage of tantric roots.

benefits of glandular massage

Glanderian massage seeks orgasm as an end, although not actively and in the shortest time possible. In fact, if the client is close to reaching orgasm, the masseuse will normally stop stimulating the area so that the sensation of pleasure is prolonged, similar to when edging is practiced during intercourse (getting to the point of having an orgasm, without having one).

Glanderian massage practice

To enjoy a glanderian massage the person receiving the massage must be 100% relaxed and open to be stimulated by a third person. It can be your partner or a professional masseuse. If you like this type of massage and you want your partner to see it, the erotic couple massage can be an option for you.

The glanderian massage always begins with a relaxation session and full body massage, to free the mind of thoughts and get the person receiving the massage is 100% relaxed. The person should lie on his/her back and the masseur will use abundant lubricating gel, which he/she will spread over the testicles and penis. The key to the glanderian massage is to alternate the area of the glans, frenulum and foreskin with the perianal area and testicles, to achieve total relaxation and a huge pleasure at the end in the form of orgasm.

Enjoy a glanderian massage

If you want to enjoy a glanderian massage performed by the best erotic masseuses in Barcelona or other types of erotic massages contact us without obligation. We will solve your doubts by phone. We attend men, women and couples, no matter your age or sexual orientation: pleasure is for everyone!

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