Reflexology Foot + Massage SM

Foot reflexology is a massage technique that is applied to certain areas of the feet, which are connected to other parts of the body. This technique allows the organism to be in good physical and mental conditions to prevent or fight the different ailments or symptoms.

Our feet represent a schematic image of the entire body and its organs. At the same time they are a source of information where we can understand the energy imbalance of the person being treated.

Each area of the feet is the reflection of an organ of the body. Hence, by massaging specific areas of the feet, it’s possible to influence reflexively on the corresponding internal organs.

60 minutes: € 200

 reflexology foot

SM Pindas + SM Massage

The pindas are a natural preparation of aromatic and medicinal herbs mixed with essential oils, wrapped in a fabric in the shape of a bag and made by hand.

The function of massage with pindas through herbal bags is to balance body and mind, with relaxing manipulations of massage and combined with the therapeutic power of aromatherapy and natural species.

Through the pindas pressures are made on the body, causing effects that activate the chakras physically and energetically. They also stimulate circulation and increases relaxation.

60 minutes: € 190

 linda massage

Stone Therapy + Massage

Geothermal therapy or stone therapy is found in an ancient oriental massage technique inspired by disciplines that, like Reiki, believe in our body. There are seven energy centres called ‘chakras’, through which flows the energy of the universe (Rei) and the vital (Ki) of each person.

According to different cultures, if we suffer from any illness or discomfort, it’s due to the fact that the energy doesn’t flow through our organism correctly; and this is usually caused by the blockage or malfunction of one of the chakras.

Geothermal therapy allows therapeutic massage to be combined with the use of cold and hot stones (placing these at the points where these chakras are located). Thus, it’s possible for the energy to flow properly and, consequently, to alleviate our discomfort. Not forgetting that many of the stones used are of volcanic origin, so, in addition to improving the flow of our own energy, our body will receive energy from the earth (Rei).

Benefits of geothermal therapy

  • Reduction and relief of pain.
  • Removal of toxins from the skin through sweating
  • Improvement of the circulatory system.

60 minutes: € 190

 geotermal stone therapy

Peeling + Massage

Peeling is our treatment indicated for the elimination of dead skin cells or superficial peeling, providing freshness and cleanliness to the skin.

The benefits of our creams with sea extracts or dead sea sand will increase the smoothness of your skin, with a clean and careful feeling.

75 minutes: € 260

peeling for men