Without ceasing to be a way to seduce our partner prior to the sexual act, erotic massages have different ways of carrying them out that have been discovered throughout history. Being a very important component to increase sexual desire in order to have a more intense relationship, it’s important to know the different forms and different types of erotic massages that exist.

What are the types of erotic massages that exist?

It’s quite known by all that there are many ways to do a massage and that they have different benefits depending on the type of technique used. Normally we find massages against stress, therapeutic, and in this case, erotic ones. Here is a list of the best-known and recommended erotic massage techniques for stoking and intensifying a sexual relationship:

Tantric massages: one could say that it’s the erotic massage par excellence and the one that is practiced between couples more frequently. This ancestral Buddhist discipline doesn’t only seek sexual pleasure, but also covers the mental and spiritual aspect of those who practice it. Its main objective is not to reach orgasm but rather to completely relax the person who receives it through different sensations.

Nuru massage: this curious name that receives this massage is due to the oil with which it’s carried out, whose composition of oriental origin is very slippery. Its main characteristic is that it offers the possibility of the couple rubbing their bodies with each other during the massage thanks to the density of the oil; offering a more versatile experience and different from the ordinary.

Kathmandu Massage: This massage is mainly aimed at men (Lingam massage). In addition to its erotic purposes, it can be used to obtain therapeutic benefits for those men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Erotic massage with four hands: One of the massages found in the fantasies of many men and women as it consists of receiving an erotic massage at the same time from two different people. Obviously with this you get a unique experience that brings sensations and relaxation to a level that few know. It’s a massage aimed at experienced couples with an open mind who seek to try new sensations

Erotic massage with sliding technique: It’s a common erotic massage, with the only difference that the main technique with which is performed is to slide both hands (open and closed) along the back of the receiver. It should start from the buttocks to the shoulders and then perform a free massage.

Erotic massage with body-to-body pressure technique: another technique used to vary the development of a massage. It’s mainly about using the whole body to massage the other person exerting some pressure, as the name implies.

Abdominal erotic massage: It’s mainly done in the abdomen area for being one of the most sensitive body and with which you can get to excite someone. To stimulate in the right way, it’s recommended to perform gentle movements and light pressures in circles.

Erotic massage with thumb technique: This technique involves using these fingers to massage mainly the lower back of the receiver. Also going through the area that goes from the waist to the buttocks with short and rapid movements of the thumbs.

Extensive erotic massage: It’s considered one of the most stimulating and sexual of all. To do it, you only need your hands, and with them you should make an extensive tour, as the name implies, from the shoulders to the buttocks. The best part is when you have to put your hands between the legs of the receiver before focusing on the buttocks to stimulate the most erogenous area of ​​the body.

This kind of massage is not available in any professional centre, they need professional erotic masseuses and that is why all those couples that seek to revive their sexual life through them need to know all these techniques and types to carry them out each one in privacy.