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Tips to be a good masseuse

With the stress under which people live it’s necessary a space to relax. Nowadays, aesthetic centres, spas or massage centres have proliferated all over the world, but it’s worth mentioning that it’s always advisable to go to a professional in these areas when receiving any type of massage therapy.

The different therapeutic erotic massages help people with chronic and acute pain, there are people with a natural gift for it and with hands that are considered magical. But in life everything can be learned and in this article you will get some tips to be a good masseuse.

Tips to be a good masseuse of Santai Masajes

There are many tips and things that could be said to guide anyone on the right path when it comes to becoming a masseuse, but not to make it very extensive are abbreviated below those considered the most important.

Inspire confidence

It’s essential that the person who approaches you can trust your hands. Since being relaxed is paramount for such therapy, if you are a closed person who holds certain resentments, distrust will take over the person you are going to treat besides that at an energetic level these energies would be shared with that person and could end up worsening their situation.

Nudity and physical contact are also a key point in the massage and since the person who attends to receive a massage feels a little vulnerable it’s important that you make her feel that she is in good hands.

Strive to train and receive knowledge

It’s important that you learn in a professional way the correct way to do massages, since there are many pirates boasting of their abilities that harm and harm people all over the world and the serious people who dedicate themselves to this charming art end up being affected.

For this reason studies are necessary to first become a quiromasseur and from then on to specialise, for example, in Thai, holistic or aromatherapy massage to help in one’s professional practice.

Worry about creating the ideal environment

As mentioned earlier, some aromatherapy classes and musical therapies to help those who attend to feel more relaxed will make you a better masseuse. Lighting is important as is decoration when it comes to making the patient forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Listen to what they have to say

The patient’s preferences are important when it comes to offering a quality service, for this reason it’s recommended that they be able to tell you if the volume of the music is appropriate or if, for example, the patient doesn’t like to be spoken during the massage, in this way the bond of trust is strengthened.

About the period of time between massages

It’s important to know that a good massage a month is enough for most people who don’t suffer from any ailment or certain problem. For this reason you should not abuse therapy because of financial problems or because few people are attending as this would be a serious failure at the level of professional ethics and also could hurt more than helping since the muscles require some time to heal and recover afterwards of a massage.

How much to charge

In this case it’s necessary to know that sometimes you should complement some session for example with Reiki, which should be your decision without charge or not, although it’s recommended that the complete statement is not collected and that you receive a treatment in general, in which it will be applied as necessary for the benefit of the patient. In this way, the patient will also end up returning because he will respect your professional integrity.

Following these useful tips you will be able to perform the first steps and become a good masseuse, although if you are already venturing into this world of tantric massage, this data will also be useful. As well as it’s also recommended to avoid the use of appliances since the massages should be done by hands, the use of complete as stones or bamboo sticks could be used in the therapy.

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