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Top erotic games to play as a couple

girl playing erotic games for couples

Often, maintaining an active sex life is not enough, and it is necessary to get out of the comfort zone to rekindle the flame and break the routine. In a society where instant consumption prevails and where there is a tendency to enjoy things for a short period of time, many couples end up falling into the same trap. Erotic games are often an alternative to the conventional in order to explore and experience new sensations, and thus return to the passion and fieriness of the first day.

The importance of quality in sexual relations

Quality or quantity? This is often the great conundrum that many couples face on a daily basis. While it is true that an active sex life favors the well-being and health of oneself and one’s partner, more and more studies affirm that quality takes precedence over quantity.

Routine sex is usually synonymous with monotony, marked by the lack of foreplay and where the mechanical prevails. Alternatives such as erotic massages or erotic games can be a great solution to innovate, explore and let yourself go, and ensure that intercourse does not become something listless. Make each time unique and more special than the last!

Why go for erotic games?

Who said there was nothing beyond the Kamasutra postures? The games help to know more in depth the needs and preferences of our partner, without forgetting that they are a tool that helps both parties in the relationship to communicate and uninhibited. Although today there are multiple erotic games that you can play to leave modesty aside and achieve greater complicity, today we highlight the following:


It is time to leave embarrassment on the back burner and dare to change roles. In this case, each member of the couple will choose the role he/she wants to play. A fairly common practice is for the partners to play a scene from a movie, series or short film, agreeing beforehand, under the rule of “anything goes”.

top erotic games for couplesSlow sex

Erotic games aim to break the basic rules of the game. This particular practice, consists of lengthening and giving importance to foreplay, and making the road to orgasm as long as possible. The idea is that you can enjoy each other for a longer time, so why not take advantage of the opportunity and make a gamble so that the loser pays?

Twister without clothes

This variant of the classic game of colors challenges participants to show their skills by placing their hands and feet on the playing field, achieving truly amazing positions. The only thing you will have to do to make it more exciting is to take off your clothes.

Erotic massage for couples

Erotic massages as a couple are a very good erotic way to improve the relationship as a couple, since they allow to know in detail the body of the other person and to know where the erogenous zones that give more pleasure are.

couple playing erotic gamesHeat and cold

This game is the ideal option for those couples who enjoy oral sex and want to go beyond the classic. To make it work, you must prepare different hot or cold drinks that vary the temperature of your mouth and tongue. The goal is to be able to experience new sensations that can be really stimulating.


In the XXI century, distance is no longer a problem for not being able to enjoy. Put your confidence to the test with this practice that consists of sending a racy message or a photograph to your partner, and get him or her to play along. A very morbid option to let your imagination fly.

No hands or bondage

One of the best known practices and that are more booming in recent years is the well-known bondage. It is to tie some part of the body of the couple and be totally at the mercy of the other. You can also tie each other or use toys as handcuffs, and try to reach the climax without using your hands. Who will be able to do it?

Sex games before intercourse

Sexual games activate all the senses and provide that spark that is often missing in relationships. Thanks to them, it is possible to increase trust and complicity in the couple, and reach much more satisfying encounters. Turn your relationship around and get away from your daily worries by giving yourself a moment that will revive the passion of your first dates.

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