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Tips for massaging women

[fusion_text]Massaging a woman can mean a method to alleviate the stress and tensions of a long day of work but also as a game prior to sexual activity. Yes, a simple massage given in the right way and just making her enjoy it can make intimacy as a couple improve remarkably. So don’t miss these tips to massage a woman.

How to massage women?

You must consider first of all to make sure that what you do is consented by your partner at the time of being completely with a sexual objective. Keep it comfortable with the necessary stimuli throughout the erotic massage and you should always stop if at any time she asks you to.

Start by creating an atmosphere in the room that makes your partner feel pleasant, including lighting with candles, incense with their favourite scents and those kinds of things that will make her enter a relaxation mode.

You must take the time she deserves by extending as much as possible from head to toe, thus stimulating the woman’s sexual response.

Do it as smoothly as you can. Gentle erotic massages causes hormones to be released in your partner’s body, which relaxes her excessively as well as promoting sexual arousal even to the point of stimulating an orgasm.

In the area of ​​the back makes long movements from top to bottom. Approach the neck and ears and whisper to excite her.

There are women who don’t get excited if you don’t kiss them; If it’s the case of your partner, do it without any doubt.

When it’s time to have her face up, caress her breasts on the outside in a soft and sensual way. You can kiss her nipples gently while doing it.

Rub firmly the sole of the feet to relax it instantaneously without needing to spend a lot of time doing it.

In the area of ​​the arms you can pinch with your fingers pressing lightly and little by little until you reach the hands and back. Try not to be too rough with these pinches to avoid causing any discomfort.

In the legs a series of soft taps with the surfaces of your hands and fingers together will cause the level of excitement of it to rise to another level.

The skin of his neck is very sensitive, and each caress that you do accompanied by delicate kisses will fill your body with pleasure; therefore the best thing is that you dedicate a good time of excitement to this area.

Some roguish whispers or kisses in the area of ​​her ears will also excite her. Don’t forget that the lobes are part of very soft skin and that your whole body will be stimulated if you massage them in the right way with the lips or the tongue.

As an extra tip: to ensure success, a bath with aromatic oils just before the massage will make you relax completely and prepare for intimacy.

If you follow these useful tips correctly don’t need much more to eliminate stress or to be ready to take her to bed and enjoy it greatly. The body of women deserves all the love we can give her.

how to massage a woman

The best way to massage a woman

The best way to start is from your shoulders, in this way you can go down to your neck and give the time and encouragement it deserves and then move to each of your arms. When you return, go back to your neck to move slowly to your lower back making circles without too much pressure. When you reach your lower back, use the same technique as in the arms.

Put her face up and start with dark circles using your mouth and then go directly to hers. Give her soft kisses to her neck to go down to the breasts and caress them; go directly to massage your legs and finish with the soles of her feet.

If you give the massage correctly it should take approximately 45 minutes to get your partner completely relaxed.[/fusion_text]

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