In previous articles we have learned the keys to giving an erotic massage in the most complete way, paying attention to aspects such as the importance of light for a massage, smell and relaxation, how to prepare a room to give an erotic massage and the erogenous zones of the body of the man and woman.

In this week’s article we are going to explain in full how to perform an erotic massage, from the beginning to the end of the process, summarizing the previous articles and putting them into practice.

Prepare the ground

You should choose the room in the house that’s quieter. Also try to follow the rules we described in previous articles about lighting, temperature and aromas, which would be as follows:

  • A pleasant temperature is obligatory so that the person who is going to receive the erotic massage can be naked without being hot or cold. Between 22 and 26 degrees is a range in which most people feel comfortable.
  • Lighting should be dim and give priority to red and orange spectrum lights. As we saw in our post of illumination those tonalities are the ones that incite relaxation.
  • Put incense or aromas that encourage relaxation. As we saw in our previous post, some of them are lavender, jasmine or vanilla.

Performing the massage

To perform a good erotic massage is essential to use gels or oils that get the hands to slide smoothly through the body of the other person. Remember that if you want to use condoms a posteriori, the oils damage and break the latex almost instantaneously.

We recommend a full body massage, starting with one part of the body and focusing on one place at a time.

For example, it is a very good idea to start the foot massage by gently massaging each of the toes, to continue through the legs, up the abdomen and back, the arms and finally focus on the genitals.

aromas en el masaje erotico

Reaching orgasm


As the last step in the erotic massage, and after having completely massaged the body of our partner, we will move gently and slowly towards the genitals.

The orgasm in a woman

In the case that the person receiving the massage is a woman, we should approach the genitals slowly, without directly touching the clitoris. Caress the mount of Venus, the labia minora and majora, to finally massage the clitoris and the female G-spot, in the upper part of the entrance of the vagina.

The orgasm in a man

If it is a man who receives the massage, it is advisable to start massaging the testicles and the base of the penis, to continue massaging the penis until orgasm. If the boy wishes it is also highly recommended to massage the prostate for an extra pleasure.