Tantric massage techniques in Barcelona

Performing a tantric massage with a couple ensures a night of full and relaxing intimacy. The benefits of this millennial ritual oriented mainly to sexuality are many, so it’s important to know the different techniques of tantric massage being mainly that of Lingam and Yoni (of the male and female genitals respectively).

Yoni Tantric Massage Technique

The first thing to do is to lubricate the outer part of the Yoni (female genitals) with the right oil so that the fingers can be used to massage the outer lips from the top down, without applying too much pressure.

It’s advisable to maintain eye contact with the woman to make sure she is enjoying it. Placing a cushion behind her hips ensures that she doesn’t miss anything visually. After a considerable time massaging the outer lips, you should go to the interiors and perform the same movement for a while.

The clitoris being the most sensitive part of the genitals, it’s there that one must take special care and take the necessary time to fill it with pleasure. The woman for this moment should not reach orgasm, for this reason we must focus mainly on relaxing while doing different movements with the thumb and forefinger on the clitoris.

Arrived until this point, already what it’s necessary to do is to introduce the middle finger towards the interior of the Yoni. With this finger you should apply a slight pressure on the upper part of the interior (which is known as the G-spot). There will be made different movements to the sides, up and down and in circles.

When the intensity begins to rise, you can also insert the ring finger while massaging the clitoris with the thumb. It’s advised to use the other hand to caress and massage other areas of the body.

The objective of the tantric massage is not orgasm, however, it’s possible for the woman to end up with a very intense one to achieve absolute relaxation.

Lingam Tantric Massage Technique

As with women, men should also have their genitals raised by placing a cushion behind their hips. But unlike the massage of the Yoni, for this you should start massaging and caressing other areas of the body so that the man can relax more easily, which will generate more pleasure when reaching the Ligam.

At the time, you should pour a little oil over the entire area of ​​the ligam, including the testicles because that’s where you start to massage. Then it’s passed directly and for a moment to the area where the pubic bone is located (just above the Ligam) and then return again to the testicular area and massage the perineum.

With the Ligam, you must start by making small pressures or pinches on the base and go up the trunk changing between one hand and the other. After this you have to take the Ligam from the top and slide the shaft down, it’s also repeated with the other hand.

Like the clitoris, the glans is the most sensitive part of the male genitalia and therefore requires the same attention. Massaging this area with circular movements makes the man is on the verge of orgasm, however, we must try to keep it controlled so that he doesn’t do so for now.

While the Lingam is being massaged, one can also look for what the ancient Orientals called the “sacred place” of man. It’s a small hole that is right between the testicles and the anus to which you must exert very slight pressures. When the man is on the verge of orgasm, exerting a little more pressure in said area will increase his intensity.

Other techniques of tantric massage

Reverse posture or Purushayita: It’s a set of different techniques (especially the yoni) where the woman must be placed on top of the man.

Tantric Breathing: Easy to learn, it’s one of the most important techniques since it’s applied to everything related to tantra, including erotic massages.