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Techniques for anal massage

como hacer masaje anal

Anal massage is one of the most pleasurable and basic techniques in anal games. Thanks to it, sexual relations can be improved for both men and women. This is due to the nerve endings found in this area, which allow multiple different sensations to be experienced when stimulated. In fact, anal massages are very similar to prostate massage, which stimulates another very erogenous zone that most people tend to be unaware of. In the following article we tell you everything you need to know about anal massage and what are the best techniques to perform.

What is anal massage?

Anal massage is defined as the stimulation that occurs in this area of the body and its surroundings, such as the buttocks and perineum. Anal massage techniques can be performed in different ways, either with the hands or tongue directly, or opting to use sex toys.

pleasurable anal massage techniquesKeys to a good anal massage

Although there are several factors that directly contribute to the success of anal massages, three points are key:

Keeping the area clean

Hygiene is undoubtedly the most important factor to take into account when performing an anal massage. Therefore, it is of vital importance to always keep the area clean and not irritated, so that the experience is totally gratifying.


When performing an anal massage, it is vitally important to be patient and gentle. This area of the body does not provide natural lubrication, so it is always recommended to use lubricants and/or moisturizers that do not cause abrasion and are dermatologically tested.

The best anal massage techniques

The most important part for an anal massage to be totally pleasurable is that the person is totally relaxed and communicates how he/she feels. In fact, this recommendation applies to all erotic massagesin general. In other words, it is necessary to be willing to let yourself go.

The first thing that is recommended is to start with a more generic massage to make the person feel comfortable and more relaxed. To do this, it is recommended to start by caressing the buttocks gently and slowly, and slowly move down towards the anus. It is important not to make any sudden movements that may cause tension.

Next, you should apply the lubricant to your fingers to start stimulating the anus. When the desired level of lubrication is obtained, you can move on to massage the area up to the perineum. Some people choose at this time to make use of sex toys that allow them to experience new sensations and explore experiences until the desired pleasure is achieved.

Why perform an anal massage?

Anal massages are an alternative to conventional massages and a good option to experience new sensations. An ideal way to continue promoting the search for new forms of pleasure is to combine it with happy ending massages, which not only relax the person who receives them, but also aim to reach orgasm.

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