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Techniques and tips to give an erotic massage to a man

Erotic massage can be a fun and different alternative to increase desire in the moment prior to sex. It’s a set of caresses that are intended to stimulate and produce pleasure in the couple without genital contact. These massages reinforce the couple’s relationship by being an intimate moment of exploration. Or you can learn about massages with a professional erotic masseuses.

4 indispensable techniques for a massage to a man

  1. Small strokes: it’s advisable to leave this phase for the end of the massage since it’s the most sexually stimulating, this technique is used in the most muscular areas. It’s done with closed fists. It gives smooth, but energetic blows on the skin, alternating the front and back of the fist. Be careful not to exceed the intensity of the blows as it’s another way to end the moment.
  2. Suction cup: It gives fast and light soft strokes to stimulate and refresh the dermis on the body alternating the hands, with the thumbs inwards and the fingers together.
  3. Wave massage: It’s pleasant if it’s received in the shoulders, palms of the hands, feet and breasts, to do so close your hands to form a fist, keep half of the fingers pressing the skin, and make small circular movements.
  4. Kneading: used in muscular areas such as hips, thighs and buttocks. Lift, squeeze and roll the skin between the thumb and fingers of one hand, as indicated by its name, as if kneading it by sliding it towards the other hand. Make it slow and deep, if you want it to be more intense, just change the speed.

Important tips for giving a massage to a man

For greater enjoyment of erotic massage to a man, it must be carried out in the proper environment; We know that the goal of this practice is not only to relax our partner but also to increase libido and for this we must create an environment without distractions that may damage the moment, that is why it’s advisable to turn off or put the phones in silence and forget about the clock a while.

To create that special atmosphere aromatic candles or incense can be used. Use vegetable oils, it’s recommended to avoid the use of chemicals that can irritate the skin or cause allergies.

These oils come with different scent essences such as jasmine, red fruits, cinnamon, almond among another great variety. There are oils that produce a sensation of heat or cold and if you want an oral stimulation, there are types of oils that are made to lick

While performing the massage you can also place relaxing music, it’s recommended that it be only soft background music without a voice.

girl giving a massage to a man

The hands should be in permanent and direct contact with the body of your partner this is essential because if you spend a time without touching him, it’s most likely to break that erotic atmosphere and cool the moment.

To achieve the goal of erotic massages it’s important to combine the movements in both the erogenous zones and in the areas that are not, you must avoid going directly to your genital area. Start by touching your hands, head, neck, feet… all this slowly but without pauses. Until little by little you get closer and closer to their erogenous zones.

There must be control so as not to give in to the first moment of rapture and passion, since the longer you wait, the higher the level of excitement and therefore the more intense the end. So don’t rush and take your time.

Each massage is different, don’t worry about following an order or speed, as you massage your partner will tell you with their gestures and reactions to continue, combine the caresses with kisses, use your imagination and enjoy!

When you have massaged your less sexual areas you can pass to your genitals. You can use the oil on your pelvis and slowly get closer to your member. Be sure to use enough oil for this area as it requires more lubrication.

There are different ways to massage your most exciting point: hold your penis with one hand, sliding it up and down; while you place your other hand on the head of the penis, caressing it. In short, from top to bottom in the trunk and circular movements in the head. Another way to take it to ecstasy is to perform movements or even numbers up and down starting at 10, then up and nine down and so on until you get to one.

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