Tantric massages in Barcelona

Are you looking for a high level sensual experience? Our tantric massages offered at Santai Massages are one of our specialties.

Masseurs offering the Tantra Massage

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Tantra massages are usually performed on a comfortable tatami. All our rooms are complete, decorated in detail and surrounded by mirrors where the client can observe all the sensual movements of the masseuses on his body.

Tantra Barcelona

We also place the utmost importance on the cosy, hygienic, chill-out decor, with a strict control of daily cleaning, the best aromas, candles, air fresheners, incenses and relaxing music, which help to open the mind and relax the body to receive a full tantric massage in Barcelona.

How can I book tantra massages in Barcelona?

In our centre it is possible to visit us without prior appointment, although due to the high daily demand of reservations we do not advise this; you can however come and meet us in person without any commitment or to schedule your massage. If you have any questions or wish to make a reservation you can contact with us through our contact form, via email at santaimasaje@hotmail.es, WhatsApp or by calling +34 934 143 532 / +34 660 744 020. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Enjoy an unknown sensory world! Don’t miss out!



Our clients must have an initial and final shower, we provide all the necessary amenities including a special salt gel from the Himalayas for this type of massage, to neutralize the negative energy and to purify. Next, our masseuse will merge with the client through a specific position controlling the breathing in both bodies.

Subsequently, the client is placed face down on the bed, with the legs slightly open and very relaxed. Our masseuse will proceed to work only with the hands and forearms throughout the body, from the feet to the head avoiding interacting with their intimate parts initially.

Once the client has relaxed little by little and a connection has been established between them, the masseuse will begin to caress the erogenous zones, slowly and progressively exciting until the professional massage reaches the male (Lingam) or female (Yoni) genital areas.

Tantric massages and sexualitymasaje tantrico

We need to remember that in tantric sexuality, the sacred manifests itself through bodily pleasure as energy. The client can choose to end with one or several orgasms, although it is advisable to wait for the rampant ecstasy of the end.

The masseuses during the whole massage are dressed in fine, elegant and sexy lingerie, that enhance their bodies and their sensuality.

While receiving a tantra massage, you may not caress the body of the masseuse, and you should always respect the limits that they establish. There are other types of tantric massage at Santai that where an increase the degree of interaction with the masseuse is allowed.

Tantric massage for men

In our sensitive tantric massage we do not perform penetrative sex, although sexual pleasure is present at all times by caresses, applied throughout the body adding stimulation of the erogenous zones and sexual organs to reach the desired orgasm.


The Tantric massage is one of the modalities of erotic massage designed to totally relax your body and reduce anxiety following the Hindu belief in tantra. The art of tantra is defined as the natural sensory process in which personal growth is achieved through pleasure. That is, using our own body, without having sex, your health will be increase. The main objective of tantra massages is to improve your inner self and your sexual health, by only seeking the moment of pleasure.

Today this set of tantric techniques have become widespread – the practice has been taken to massage centres around the world, as is the case in our centre, Santai Masajes, where any client can benefit from all the pleasure and relaxation that a professional erotic massage can offer, where we teach how to raise awareness about your own body and energy to control the path to conscious pleasure.

Tantra massage finishes

Lingam massage

It’s known as a “lingam” massage when a man gives it (male sexual organ). The lingam is a phallic symbol representing the fertilizing energy whose complement is the fecundating energy of the matrix of Shakti (yoni). A lingam massage in Barcelona is a unique experience for men that you have to experience.

masaje lingam
masaje yoni

Yoni massage

It’s known as a “yoni” massage when a woman gives it (female sexual organ). The yoni is a representation of fecundating energy of the matrix of Shakti whose complement is the fertilizing energy of Shiva.

Therefore, we can offer either the Lingam or Yoni massage in Barcelona.

The tantric massages performed by all of our masseurs at Santai Masajes are an ideal way to enter this world of sexual health and pleasure. We have different tantric erotic massages differentiated by duration and technique.

Gay Tantra Barcelona

We also perform the famous tantric massages between two people of the same sex, or more people if the client asks for it. You can choose the masseur you like best for your tantric massage.