Although it is not usually one of the most common gifts during Christmas, giving an erotic massage or tantric massage to your partner or your closest friend is a very original idea and certainly does not leave anyone indifferent. Although these types of gifts are more common on other dates such as Valentine’s Day, for wedding anniversaries or couples’ anniversaries, giving a tantric massage for Christmas is undoubtedly a very good idea for those people who have a more open mind regarding their body and their own sexuality.

Give her a Tantric Massage

A massage is undoubtedly an original and unusual gift. The woman’s mind works in a totally different way than the man’s mind and the woman needs to be touched in a special way and connect with her mind in order to feel fully developed sexually. In addition, Tantric massage understands sexuality as a part of the human body, which magnifies even more the sensations that are achieved with a classic erotic massage. Tantric massage is based on very ancient practices that have been practiced in India for hundreds of years and seek the welfare of our body and our mind. Giving your partner a tantric massage as a present is one of the best ways to show her the potential of the female body and mind to make her feel.

Give her a Tantric Massage

Giving a Tantric Massage to Him

Giving your guy a tantric massage for Christmas is totally different from the typical gifts that men usually receive during these dates: t-shirts and perfumes. If you want to pleasantly surprise your man this Christmas choose a tantric massage as a gift. You will get him to know first hand the potential of his body and mind to feel, to get pleasure and to generate well-being and sexual pleasure at the same time. A tantric massage is much more than an erotic massage: it connects the physical and emotional parts like no other massage.

Give yourself a tantric massage for couples

You can give yourself a tantric massage in our center in Barcelona where both of you will be in the same room and you will enjoy at the same time and a few centimetres away from the expert hands of our masseuses and our masseurs on your bodies. A tantric massage will connect your bodies and minds in a way that no other experience achieves. Dedicating an hour to yourselves is undoubtedly the best formula to strengthen your relationship. In addition it is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive experiences that can be carried out as a couple.

Contact us to give a massage as a present

You can contact with Santai to obtain a voucher that you will be able to give to your couple during this Christmas. Just get in touch with us or come by to our centre and we’ll help you with it.