Tantra course for couples at Santai Masajes

Tantra is living all the aspects of our life in a conscious, full and harmonious way.

For some time now, the important need for couples to reconnect with their sexuality and sensitivity fully and consciously has not been considered.

If you want to learn energy manipulation and transmutation techniques to practice or deepen professionally, or to enhance your sexual life, we invite you to contact us and schedule a personalised course.

couple-hug-eroticSpecialised Sessions for Couples

Individual Sessions 

The left path of Tantra is a mystical path and uses sexual union to reach a state of elevated consciousness, without moral prejudices, not to achieve immediate satisfaction but rather the fullness of sexual practice.

The greater the pleasure, the greater inner evolution.
The higher the ecstasy, the greater the release of endorphins.
The more sexual stimulation, the more creativity. 

This course is aimed at all those people who want to learn, tools such as Massage and the Ritual of Sexual Union in a practical and experiential way.

The Tantrikas not only experience multi-orgasm but also expand it, prolonging, with energetic work, the duration of orgasms, expanding that energy even further, to reach states of expanded consciousness, since pleasure is not considered the end but the means to reach higher levels of consciousness, self-knowledge and happiness.

Program (2.5h)
– Tantric games.
– Modulation and energy tuning exercises.
– Preparatory Exercises for the Massage.
– Tantric Massage in Couple.
– Tantric Rituals Initiation to the Tantric Sexual Union.
– Techniques of induction to multiorgasm.
– Techniques of energy transmutation in Couple.

Price: € 400



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