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The tantra chair and erotic massages

The demands of modern life force us not to dwell on the details, to fill our day to day with empty sensations and to forget about the most precious part of sexuality, eroticism in its most spiritual aspect.

This leads us directly to thinking about tantric sex, a practice that is part of an oriental philosophy, whose teachings are aimed at granting all material desire, a spiritual purpose. Tantra is a collection of sacred texts and esoteric practices, born as a philosophy of Hindu and Buddhist life, more than 4,000 years ago. The Hindu tantras, for example, are formed by dialogues between the god Siva and his wife.

Tantric sex unites you with your partner, in a physical and spiritual way, in such a way that the sexual experience transforms into itself, into a source of universal energy, from which emanates a bond capable of strengthening the relationship and giving wings to sexual desire to unimaginable limits.

The tantra armchair and the Kamasutra

To further improve the intensity of the bond that is created from the union arising from tantric sex, the tantra armchair has been designed. It’s a specially designed chair so that a couple can try endless positions of the Kamasutra, increase the pleasure and with it reach the next level in their sexual experience.

Just as tantric sex aims at the reach of pleasure in all its magnitude and essence, the tantric chair offers the possibility of finding new positions to get out of the monotony of a sexual relationship. The tantra armchair allows, in this way, to open the range of sexual life to new sensory experiences.

The design of the tantric chair has not been conceived at random nor to become a simply comfortable sofa, but it has been inspired with extreme detail and attention in the feminine forms, with the aim of allowing to experience sensations not only at the genital level but also in to the whole body as a whole.

The tantra armchair and the five senses

The practice of tantric sex allows channelling sexual energies in the creation of a desire of greater intensity, in which our five senses take special relevance.

The main objective of tantra is to achieve ecstasy through Samadhi, a state of consciousness in which a person has the feeling of becoming one with the universe. To reach this state of union with the divine, tantric sex uses as a tool, the containment of orgasm.

The use of the tantra chair contributes to the inspiration of sexual positions that activate the five senses at the same time, offering the possibility of being at all times conscious of one’s body through its multiple sensations.

Touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing together the permanent awareness provided by the different positions are conjured to turn the sexual act into a true spiritual experience. Trying different specific poses keeps the five senses active and allows you to enjoy with greater satisfaction than if you ignore any of them.

The goal of tantric massage

For tantric sex, contain as much as possible the sexual fluids is an act of love from which we allow our partner to achieve greater sexual pleasure. So much so, that the main mission of tantric sex is fulfilled from erotic massages, which are much more than a massage with sexual content.

The pleasure that causes a good tantric massage is based precisely on avoiding until the last moment reach the genital area. The rhythmic and fluid movement of the tantric massages throughout the body, allow the recipient of the massage, a balanced approach to its own essence and a remarkable improvement at all levels of mental, physical and spiritual health as a whole.

The tantric massage offers the possibility of adjusting the personal energy to be able to flow and be in harmony with itself and the universe; which will result in reaching a level higher than the sensations experienced with sex practiced in the usual way.

At this point, it’s undeniable the influence that tantric massages have, to improve the increase of sexual desire in our life, through the practice of tantric sex.

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