Are you home alone? Discover the summer massages in Barcelona

We put ourselves in your skin, as professionals of relaxation and good health both mentally and physically, which, we have been endorsed by our experience of many years in the World Massage. If you are home alone in Barcelona, ​​you can take this opportunity to try this new experience that we present here at Santai Massage Centre.

What better opportunity to put in your hands all the healing power of which consists a good relaxing massage and benefactor of good energy.

With the high temperatures, what you really want is to relax and let yourself be taken care of. And if it’s mime; you are in the right place at the right time.

Come and give them away with all the kindnesses, of which we have, in our particular paradise of erotic massages; whatever discipline you want to try on your own flesh.

Go through our website and enjoy our full menu of massages, in which all our specialties appear, duly ordered and explained in great detail to provide all our users with a better understanding.


Being alone at home, there is no accountability to anyone and you can move freely by arranging an appointment for a massage without any fear.

If you have tried it before, but have thought… Will my partner discover me when I get home with traces of oil? For these cases, we have Nuru oil that leaves no trace; But this is a good time for you to try any of our oils (which although they are absorbed by the skin and don’t usually leave a trace) and only worry about coming, disconnecting, and enjoying the experience.

It will be a most refreshing experience. Our centre has air-conditioning in all rooms. When you enter, you will receive a breath of fresh air that will revitalise you during the massage.

The Mediterranean climate, par excellence, is the main source of energy from which the sun comes.

Our king is the one who is responsible for charging the batteries to have enough strength and tenacity to perform our tasks, whatever they may be, day by day.

Considering that we are located in a really privileged site; BCN, our city contains everything you need to meet your expectations, no matter how demanding they may be.

All types of target groups are the main recipients of these wonderful corporal and mental works, which entail our perfect massages.


A healthy body needs as a complement an equally healthy mind; that is why, both are eager to recharge the chakras (energy centres) through our great and complete massages also erotic cut.

From the typical Nuru massage (body to body) to the unique tantra massage, which is so fashionable nowadays; can contribute to your spiritual state being the most suitable to receive all the benefits, which, behave through any of these healthy practices.

A good routine of healthy life, which is given by the hand of our professionals and beautiful masseurs, which are at your disposal to fulfil any desire that during these long days you have needed to be met.


We hope to have contributed through this post, even if only a little bit, but in a completely professional way; to one of your main decisions is the most successful, in this spectacular and warm summer that awaits us, is the thought and subsequent execution, to take advantage and get a good massage.

Always, hand in hand, of our great professional team commanded by our particular entourage of attractive masseurs, both male and female, who are well prepared, both individually and intellectually, to be able to satisfy in a very peculiar way all your desires.

Both in the erotic field, very important base part, in the formation of our personality as individuals and to ensure our total happiness; as in the superficial aspect, that is, our physical, as or more important to fit within society, that we have to live, and the consequence of being accepted.

Being a condition, of the most primordial; accept ourselves first.

… If you don’t love yourself, nobody will love you…

We need that they want us to feel loved.

They already said it in their day; The Beatles, in their great success;

All you need is Love.

Feel loved following our wise advice and come to know us.


You are all invited to spend the best day of relaxation of first quality surrounded by good thoughts in our Santai massage centre.

We have all the comforts and the most modern techniques of last generation carried out always with the utmost respect (as is usual in us) in its millenary essence, which gives us that traditional but effective point that our clients like so much lifelong.

Once you have passed through our wise hands, you will think differently;

And you will ask yourself this question: Why have not I done it before?

Because you deserve it. Who better than you after having spent the whole year working, and now it’s your turn to stay at home and without holidays.

For this reason, if you have stayed in Barcelona, ​​take the opportunity that at another time you won’t have to give yourself an exquisite summer erotic massage. You can relax and remove the daily tension, and at the same time cover your physiological needs at this time when your usual partner is out. Only you have the key to achieve it.