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Strengthening the female pelvic floor for better sex

pelvic floor exercises

We usually talk about the female pelvic floor to talk about aspects that directly affect health, as well as the benefits that exercising it can bring. However, strengthening the female pelvic floor also helps to significantly improve sexual relations. Thanks to a series of exercises, including the well-known Kegel exercises, you can strengthen this area of the body and benefit not only sexually, but also in terms of your health.

How the pelvic floor affects sexual intercourse

Even today there are still many women who are unaware of the importance of the pelvic floor in their health. Dysfunction of the pelvic floor can have a negative influence on the quality of life and sexual relations, causing sensations of pain, lack of sensitivity and even the absence of orgasms, among other factors. This is because the muscles in this area contract during orgasm and are the main point of friction during penetration.

By exercising the female pelvic floor, both the woman herself and her partner can achieve greater pleasure and intensity in sexual intercourse. On the one hand, female and male orgasms are improved and an erection is maintained for longer, containing ejaculation for longer, as the good condition of the perineal musculature has a direct effect on arousal. It also improves the woman’s lubrication and sensitivity.

Pelvic floor strengthening exercises

The first thing you should bear in mind before doing any kind of exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor is that every woman is different, and it is necessary to have a prior assessment by a specialist, as a bad practice could be totally counterproductive.

As we have already mentioned, among the exercises that stand out the most are the so-called Kegel exercises to contain ejaculation. These consist of muscle contractions. In addition to improving sexual relations, these exercises help to solve or reduce complications of bowel control or urine leakage.

girl with pelvic floor exercises

Another of the most recommended practices for strengthening the female pelvic floor is hipopressive gymnastics, which consists of contracting the abdominal muscles in apnoea. It is essential that you learn to do these exercises under the guidance of a professional so as not to harm yourself.

It is true that there are other exercises and techniques to strengthen the muscles in this area, such as electro-stimulation, cinesitherapy or massage therapy, but experts agree that the previous two are the most recommended. It is also important to know that sexual intercourse in itself has a positive effect on the pelvic floor, both for men and women, as it increases blood flow and tones the tissues and muscles.

Why is it important to strengthen the pelvic floor?

As you have seen, strengthening the pelvic floor not only offers numerous benefits for women’s health, but also contributes directly to the well-being of couples, providing a healthier sexuality. We also recommend other options to strengthen this bond, such as erotic massages for couples.

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