We all want to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship with the person with whom we share our life as a couple. However, this can be complex these days, as the hustle and bustle offers many opportunities for stress to affect our attitude towards each other, as well as making it difficult to find time to spend together.

If you want to strengthen your relationship Santai Massages offers massage sessions for two that can provide the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to reconnect while leaving stress behind.

Strengthen your relationship with a massage

The benefits of erotic massage for couples are many and varied, but in our experience based on couples who have visited us (and even repeated) a massage for two can help your relationship in the following ways.

masajes eróticos para fortalecer la pareja

Reconnecting with a somewhat distant partner

Relationships can become distant for many reasons: lack of communication, stress, real physical separation… If you find that there is distance in your relationship, lack of communication or that you and your partner spend much less time together than usual, a couples massage can bring you together and reopen your lines of communication.

Relaxing together

A massage will instantly help you find a relaxed physical and mental state. Physical contact decreases our body’s production of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. This decrease in stress will allow you and your partner to communicate more calmly and effectively, regardless of past problems or future concerns.

In Santai we offer you that massage for two, you can choose our professional female masseuses or if you prefer our male masseuses that will make you enjoy the best way to reconnect with your partner.

Improving communication

Massage also devotes time to your communication. A massage is not done in silence, but is left to the couple to communicate in order to create a very personal bond. Enjoying a massage as a couple can easily become a special and intimate experience.

Improves couple’s intimacy

A professional massage is a physical experience. This, together with the intimacy of having your partner close by and enjoying it too, helps prepare the body for greater physical and emotional contact. For this reason, along with increased oxytocin and decreased cortisol, many couples experience increased sexual desire as well as increased sexual experiences after a professional couples massage.

Improves mental state

Any massage (erotic or not) can reduce the symptoms of many physical and mental ailments that can negatively affect your sex life, such as depression, anxiety, stress or physical discomfort. Massage also increases both blood and lymph circulation and reduces physical pain, which can increase sexual stamina. If you add to this the company and affection of your partner, you can really raise the stakes that this is an experience that strengthens any relationship.