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10 mistakes that women make during sex

Much is said about the sexual errors of men, but... what about the mistakes that women make during sex? Without a doubt, these errors exist. If you feel that you don’t satisfy your partner as much as you would like, you don’t have to feel frustrated, or lose the excitement; you will see that with a little practice and common sense you will become an expert in the art of love, how can it be when giving erotic massages. And since reading is a good [...]

3 fatal mistakes that men make in bed

Fatal mistakes that men make in sex There are many men who think they are the best lovers in the world and when the woman leaves them for another, they are surprised and wonder, but how can that be? I’m an incredible lover! Well, guys, we have bad news for you. You are not always the best lovers in the world and many times you make so many mistakes in sex, that you leave us totally unsatisfied. Most women have a very refined and discreet [...]

How to get through cheating without dying while trying

How to overcome an infidelity and not die trying When you discover that your partner has been unfaithful there are countless traumatic situations within the relationship and a process that can lead to forgiveness or to the final separation. No one is capable of coming to terms with infidelity the first time, so don’t feel lonely – you will feel that your whole world is coming down and in the moment you won’t believe you have the strength to forgive or overcome it. But [...]

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