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What were the Geisha like and what are their techniques used for now?

From the lands of the rising sun we have received many massage techniques in order to give pleasure and relaxation, some of them as famous as the Nuru massage (which as indicated by the literal translation ‘slippery’ is a body to body massage for slide between the bodies with a special gel) Or the Shiatsu massage (where the energy flows and the body and mind are harmonised). […]

What is dyspareunia and how to fight it

We could begin by defining the term Dyspareunia, by which pain during intercourse is known and which may have multiple origins. Around 20% of women suffer from this problem on which different myths have been made. It’s important that you see it as a real medical problem in order to find an adequate medical solution. […]

Benefits of male masturbation

Nowadays, although the vast majority of men practice it, talking about masturbation is still a taboo subject; which causes that there is much speculation and ignorance about all the advantages that this act brings to the body of each one. You can experience a different way with an erotic massage. In the following article we will let you know about them. […]

Kegel exercises to delay ejaculation

Kegel exercises to contain premature ejaculation If there is something that frustrates a woman, it’s that her partner seems to have ejaculated too soon. If it's your case, don’t worry! Keep reading and you will see how with the Kegel technique, you can remedy it very soon. This exercise you can master them with tantric massages. Keep in mind that the Kegel exercises are designed to allow you to hold the ejaculation for longer, but they don’t solve or at least, don’t try to solve [...]

4 tips to recover sexual desire as a couple

How to recover sexual desire in couple with an erotic massage Most couples who have lived long enough together, go through periods of sexual drought that, if extended too long, can even destroy the relationship. Is this happening to you? Keep reading! This decrease in desire is due to several factors. The main ones are the routine and the stress of everyday life. The pressures that are suffered in work, for example, arriving home with all the anxiety and the bad moods derived from this [...]

4 important tips to enjoy your first time

4 essential tips to enjoy your first time One of the most common concerns for girls and boys who are going to live their first time, is usually: what to do to make this important sexual experience a wonderful memory and not a traumatic experience? We are not talking about using condoms that, of course, are essential to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies; nor are we talking about having the morning-after pill on hand. We are referring to the emotions that come into [...]

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