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Erogenous zones in men

In our previous article we described women's erogenous zones and how we can classify them. In today's article we are going to describe the erogenous zones of the opposite sex: the man. Again: a lot of variety and subjectivity As we mentioned in the case of women's erogenous zones, an erogenous zone can be any part of the body that concentrates a large number of nervous terminations. Therefore there are many areas of the body that can be considered erogenous, and depending on the person [...]

Erogenous zones in the female body

What is an erogenous zone? According to the definition we can find in Wikipedia (we literally transcribe) an erogenous zone is the following: An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may generate a sexual response, such as relaxation, the production of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm. The most remarkable erogenous zones of a woman's body In a woman's body, erogenous zones are found in many places other than the clitoris, vagina, and breasts. And if we pay attention to the previous definition any part [...]

How to massage the clitoris

The clitoris: women's pleasure The clitoris is the most sensitive organ in a woman's body and currently its only known function is to provide sexual pleasure. Although it may seem that it is only the small nervous protuberance visible under its cap in the upper part of the vulva - the glans - its structure actually extends inside the body and the reproductive organs of the woman, surrounding the labia majora of the vulva, the perineum and the lower part of the vagina. As we [...]

The petting or how to go crazy with sex

Meet the petting or how to go crazy with sex without penetration Is the sex getting cold with your partner? Do you think that the only sense of sex is penetration? Do you get bored with traditional sex every day? If you have answered affirmatively to any of these questions and want to know how to go crazy with sex, read on, because the answer is in the petting. Petting and erotic massages are closer each one. What is petting? It’s a term of recent [...]

3 keys to detect if you need couples therapy

Discover the 3 keys to detect if you need couples therapy There are innumerable triggers for which it’s necessary to consider the need to start a couple therapy: routine, constant disagreements, infidelities, lack of physical attraction, lack of time, changes in the ways of being... however, if we spin fine, all these factors can be reduced to three basic reasons: Lack of communication Lack of desire Lack of trust What is couples therapy? Couples therapy, led by a professional in psychology, is one of the [...]

Benefits of female masturbation

Since time immemorial masturbation has not been an activity well seen by society, neither men nor women have been saved from being judged throughout history just to consent a bit their bodies. What you should know is that masturbation is something natural for human beings, and, in addition to being an inexhaustible source of pleasure, it also brings with it several benefits that you don’t have to miss.

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