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What is sexual fasting and is there any benefit to it?

We’ve all been there, sooner or later, the dreaded withdrawal period affects even the best of us.

But to what extent does it affect us exactly, when can it really be considered a “period of abstinence” and, above all, is it all bad or can it also do us some good? Are you curious about the benefits of sexual fasting? In Santai Massages too.

What is sexual fasting?

Fasting or sexual abstinence is the practice of not having sexual intercourse for a longer or shorter period of time or even permanently abstaining from sexual intercourse. This decision can have very different origins and motivations. It may be a personal choice or it may be imposed by certain traditions or religious beliefs.

After how long can it be considered “sexual fasting”?

Sexually active people are pretty much in agreement: if 5 months or more have passed since your last sexual intercourse, you can officially consider yourself in a period of abstinence. The typical duration of this dreaded phase? 11 months. Men, on average, have an abstinence period of 10 months, while women, on average, have a longer abstinence period of 12 months.

What are the main causes of “sexual fasting”?

As expected, for most people, the main reasons are relationship problems, others find the origin of the lack of interest in sex in a loss of desire, others report having gone through a period of abstinence due to health problems, while for a smaller percentage of individuals, sexual abstinence is linked to (long) distance relationships.

Male sexual fasting

For men, the 3 main reasons for a period of abstinence are:

  1. relationship problems
  2. worries about work
  3. health problems

Female sexual fasting

The main reasons why women go through a period of abstinence tend to be:

  • lack of interest in sex
  • relationship problems
  • long-distance relationships

Benefits of sexual fasting

Yes, benefits, you read that right. Because, dear reader, it’s not all bad. In terms of benefits, some people believe that sexual fasting can help improve sexual health and enhance a couple’s relationship by increasing intimacy and communication. It is also believed that it can help improve self-esteem and increase concentration and productivity.

However, it is important to mention that there is no scientific evidence to support these benefits, and it is also important to mention that prolonged sexual fasting can cause sexual and psychological health problems.

Are you going through a period of sexual fasting?

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