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Strengthening the female pelvic floor for better sex

We usually talk about the female pelvic floor to talk about aspects that directly affect health, as well as the benefits that exercising it can bring. However, strengthening the female pelvic floor also helps to significantly improve sexual relations. Thanks to a series of exercises, including the well-known Kegel exercises, you can strengthen this area of the body and benefit not only sexually, but also in terms of your health.

Tibetan massage What is it like and what are its benefits?

Also known as Ky Nye massage, the Tibetan tantric massage is a widespread technique that is gaining more and more followers thanks to the healing benefits it brings compared to other practices. Do you want to know everything about this healing spiritual ritual full of sensuality? We reveal all the secrets in this new article. […]

Top erotic games to play as a couple

Often, maintaining an active sex life is not enough, and it is necessary to get out of the comfort zone to rekindle the flame and break the routine. In a society where instant consumption prevails and where there is a tendency to enjoy things for a short period of time, many couples end up falling into the same trap. Erotic games are often an alternative to the conventional in order to explore and experience new sensations, and thus return to the passion and fieriness of the first day. […]

What is Hawaiian or lomi lomi massage? Benefits and properties

If you are looking for a massage that will take you to a state of maximum relaxation, you are in the right place. The Hawaiian massage, also known as Lomi-Lomi massage, is currently all the rage thanks to the numerous benefits it provides. We’ll tell you all the details in this new post! […]

What is the Karezza method in sex?

Karezza is a type of gentle and affectionate sexual intercourse and is becoming very fashionable lately as an antidote to fight against fast sex that focuses only on the orgasm. Well, in this post we tell you all the details.

5 tips to stimulate desire in men

The loss of sexual interest is often a consequence of a drop in testosterone levels in men. This is often accentuated if the person feels insecure about himself, does not exercise, or is overweight. In addition to these factors, stress is often a determining factor. […]

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