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5 tips to stimulate desire in men

The loss of sexual interest is often a consequence of a drop in testosterone levels in men. This is often accentuated if the person feels insecure about himself, does not exercise, or is overweight. In addition to these factors, stress is often a determining factor. […]

Foods for sexual stimulation

Did you know that food can affect sexual desire? There are foods that have the ability to stimulate sexual activity because they are naturally aphrodisiacs. When we talk about aphrodisiac foods, we refer to all those foods that can help with sexual arousal by having hormonal or vasodilator properties.

What parts of the body are most affected by stress?

Most specialists define stress as a feeling or emotion that causes tension in the mental and physical aspects. It can be motivated by traffic, problems at work, finances, couple fights, child care, making the person feel nervous, tense, or with symptoms of anger. […]

How does aromatherapy help in massage?

Sex is a fundamental pillar in a couple's relationship. It helps maintain romance, love and eroticism as it strengthens the bonds of intimacy. Foreplay is a fundamental part of that intimacy. Hugging, kissing and physical contact, in general, help us feel more comfortable to enjoy the sexual act.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona

The month of June is approaching and from 28 to July 1 we will have the opportunity to enjoy a great event that will receive as every year since 2006 the city of Barcelona par excellence. Located in the enclosure located in Gran Via within Fira de Barcelona in the area of Montjuic. Barcelona, a great city if ever there was one, equipped with all the means to have a good time and enjoy all its privileges.

Benefits of Californian Massage

Many claims that Californian massage is highly relaxing, and it helps you by stimulating all your senses. If you have ever received an erotic massage, you have probably already enjoyed the benefits it brings both mentally and physically. Also, you may have tried one or several types of erotic massages, however, in this article we are going to tell you about something completely different and something far away from erotic massages: the Californian massage.

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