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Relaxing massage in Barcelona

Who has not gone through some stress in their life? For many this is the bread of every day, either because of work or certain personal problems that affect a lot. That is why to release pressure or relax, many people opt for a delicious relaxing erotic massage Barcelona.

And this results in a great option since massages have been used since ancient times as a therapeutic way to relieve stress, some ailments and even clear the mind. Over the years, many specialists have been perfecting the techniques creating different types of massage. Below we will describe some, among which the most outstanding is the relaxing massage that we offer in Santai Masajes.

Types of relaxing massage in Barcelona

As already explained, over the years several techniques have been created in order to provide numerous types of massages in order to adapt to the needs of people, some of them are:

Therapeutic massage

This type of massage acts in two aspects, both physical and chemical. Thanks to their techniques, the muscles tend to relax gradually allowing lubrication of the joints. By promoting a good functioning of the various systems of the body it’s possible to get great pleasure in physical and emotional sense.

Swedish massage

This type of massage is included in the group of classic massages. It’s based on various techniques that contribute to deep relaxation by de-stressing the tired legs to reduce the problems of blocked muscle tissue. This type of relaxing massage allows the circulation of energy from both the emitter and the receiver.

Antidepressant massage

With this type of erotic massage it’s possible to stimulate the central nervous system to achieve the correct segregation of neurotransmitters that are responsible for modulating the emotional system to achieve a harmonious balance in the emotions.

Foot reflexology

The feet suffer a lot with the daily stress, and it’s important that they also receive their respective massages, since there are certain reflex points; through which a therapist specialized in this field can recognize the needs of the patient and apply the appropriate techniques, in order to achieve improvement in these aspects. With this it’s possible to re-establish the proper functioning of certain organs because many nerve endings are connected to the feet.

Benefits of relaxing massage

Some benefits of relaxing massage are:

Stress reduction

This is one of the most important benefits of relaxing massage. And this is vital to attack in time, since leading a hectic and stressed lifestyle can generate various diseases.

Some of those diseases are sleep disorders or psychic problems, even anxiety or physical ailments.

But thanks to the benefits of the relaxing massage, it helps to release tension and decrease the levels of the hormone cortisol, which is released as a response to stress; as well as lower blood pressure.

On the other hand, this type of massage is done with different instruments, such as bamboo, compresses, rollers or brushes in order to improve the tension produced by bad postures or by spending a lot of time in front of the computer.

Reduces cellulite

This is a problem that affects many people, but other benefits of relaxing massage is to help reduce cellulite. There are centres specialised in this that allow massages with the purpose of relaxing and at the same time reducing this big problem.

Increase immunity

Stress generates some diseases, and a big problem is that it reduces the effectiveness of the immune system. Well, thanks to massage it’s possible to avoid this, and the reason is that many scientists have found that thanks to the massage session many people have experienced incredible changes in the response produced by the immune and endocrine system.

Help improve alertness

Some studies showed that those who receive massages have a considerable increase in the speed and accuracy with which they perform mathematical calculations.

Helps reduce headache

It has been shown that massage therapies are extremely effective for all those who suffer from migraine since it helps to reduce the number of attacks and mitigate the discomfort they cause.

Helps facilitate cancer treatments

When someone is going through a disease as serious as cancer, massages and tantra massages help treat these diseases since they help relieve fatigue, depression, nausea and even anxiety.

Contribute to beauty

The massages made on the face and head are really pleasant but also contribute to a radiant face and healthy hair.

Since the benefits of relaxing massage in Barcelona are countless it’s worth giving them an opportunity in your life.

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