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Can you reach orgasm with a massage?

The short answer to whether you can reach orgasm with a massage is yes, although in the case of orgasms everything depends on the situation, how we are at that time, the level of relaxation, the person next to us … So the right answer could be depends.

The nature of the orgasm

It is physically possible to have an orgasm in almost any situation, especially if the genitals are stimulated correctly. A good example of this is the amazing success of a product like Satisfyer, which achieves that perfect stimulation that brings a woman to orgasm in just 90 seconds. Sometimes having an orgasm depends a lot on how we are mentally, so if the stimulation both physical and mental is correct you can have an orgasm in almost any situation.

An example of this is the girl in the video, who ends up having an orgasm in a slingshot ride, just by the adrenaline rush, the acceleration of the heart rate and the euphoria of the moment:

Orgasms without stimulation

We can have an orgasm during a dream, during a training session or even just thinking about it, so having an orgasm during a massage is not at all uncommon.

Orgasms during sleep

The nighttime erections that occur in men are well known, although something similar occurs with the vagina. During the REM phase it is quite common for the blood supply to increase in the genital area in both men and women.

Orgasms during a training session

Although for men this is somewhat more complex, it’s quite common for some girls to sometimes have an orgasm during their training sessions at the gym, partly because of the adrenaline rush and euphoria that comes from physical exercise (similar to the euphoria felt by the girl in the video on the slingshot ride) which can also be increased by rubbing against tight clothing, the spinning bike seat or the gym equipment.

Orgasms during massage

Orgasms have part mental stimulation and part physical stimulation, so it’s not uncommon for many people to have orgasms just because they get a massage. Whether it is an erotic massage or not (we may be receiving a sports massage from our physiotherapist) when we enjoy the massage the optimal conditions for arousal are given, as we are under the expert hands of a professional, in a relaxed atmosphere and receiving pleasure in the form of direct muscle stimulation. For example, our lower back and lumbar area contains many points and nerve endings that are directly connected to our genital area, so it would not be strange if many people could reach orgasm just by receiving a massage (without it being even an erotic massage).

Relaxing erotic massage

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