Questions and answers about tantra massage

We often get new clients who already knew our website for a long time, but who had not decided to visit our erotic massage centre because of ignorance of how a service of these characteristics works. Being the first time, there are always doubts, questions and answers about the tantra massage that you should know.

Today we will try to reveal some of them based on the comments and experiences of many of our first-time clients.

What will I find when I enter through the door of your centre?

If you have an appointment, it’s most likely that you will be greeted directly by the tantric teacher or masseur with the custom gown with our brand. If it was not her, it would be our manager.

She will accompany you to the room or cabinet reserved for you, passing through the hall, all in a zen atmosphere with incense, lit candles, oriental decoration, and tantra music creating a perfect climax for you to relax from minute 1.

Can I interact with the masseuse? Touch her body?

There are 2 types of services, some without interaction with the masseuse and others that do.

Visit our erotic massages menu and choose the one that suits you according to your needs. In those that do, you can interact and touch or massage your body as she does yours, as well as look for the complicity and tantra or Kamasutra postures you want.

How far in advance can I make a reservation? What is the payment method?

Whenever you want to ensure the availability of a particular masseuse, we recommend that you make the phone reservation or via email as soon as possible, at least a few hours or 1 day in advance.

But you also have the option to go directly to our facilities with or without prior notice and choose any of the beautiful masseuses available at that precise moment.

You have the possibility to pay in cash or by credit card, as you wish.

What does ‘lingam’ mean? It’s a word that I’ve often seen.

Lingam means in the slang of erotic massages the termination or ejaculation by genital friction to a man. It doesn’t always have to be done, only at the choice of our user or the type of service contracted.

Is there the possibility of having sex with a masseuse?

At Santai Masajes our masseuses don’t perform intercourse, oral sex, or penetration. We only offer erotic services in pure state with Lingam or Yoni termination. If your intention is to perform a complete sexual act, we ask that you don’t visit our centre, since for that there are already other types of premises that have nothing to do with our concept.

I am concerned about discretion, that someone recognises me.

Santai is located in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​it’s a high-standing apartment in a discreet and traditional property.

We have 5 rooms perfectly equipped and independent from each other so no one can see or know the type of service you are doing. To others, with total privacy to the rhythm of the music to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Both at the time of entering and leaving, a series of guidelines are followed so that you can never cross paths with any other person than the requested masseur.

Are the massages hygienic? What protocols are carried out?

We have one-use futon covers, so you don’t have to worry about their hygiene since they are unsealed, used, and discarded after each massage.

We also have sterilised single-use to remove the oil impregnated in the body, once the massage is over.

The oils used for tantric massage are of the highest quality, always special essential oils for massages, without odour, that will soften your skin, and will enhance the experience with the sliding of the skin much more. Once the service is finished, the remaining oil is discarded.

Should I go to the centre showered?

All hygiene is always good. But it’s the norm of Santai Masajes that the client, as well as the masseuse, take a shower before proceeding to perform the massage. Depending on the service of our massage menu, you can shower separately or together.

Next, just worry about living a unique and unforgettable moment with your favourite erotic masseuse.

Ask us about the erotic shower prior to the massage, one of our most requested premium services.

Will I be able to shower at the end?

Similarly, you can take your time to shower at the end of the service so you can leave our facilities as you arrived, without smell of incense or traces of oil.

It should be noted that Santai is the only erotic massage centre in Barcelona that has a kit of amenities for its clients, with disposable shoes, oral cleaning, deodorant, and cologne.

Do I have to undress completely during the massage?

It’s not obligatory for you to do the massage completely naked, although the masseuse if you want it to be. We have clients who want to enjoy the body to body massage and feel the naked body of a masseuse gliding through his, preserving his genital area with a thong.

Even those who don’t want to touch the body of the masseur (interaction), and only she can touch them to enjoy much more of the desire and containment of tantra massage. You decide how and in what way to do it.

Are masseuses qualified?

Of course. Each of our tantric masseurs are qualified quiromasseuses. You don’t have to worry about suffering an injury, they know how and where to play.

Just worry about enjoying your massage and let yourself be guided by your instincts; they will know at all times what to do to make you feel comfortable and get you to a pleasant climax without any risk to your health.

Can I give an erotic massage to another person?

Of course. Some of our best clients came to Santai Masajes through another friend who told them about their experience. There is nothing better if you want an acquaintance to start in the tantric culture than to give them an exclusive massage.

They will forever thank you for introducing him to this pleasant and relaxing world. There are many people who still don’t know the existence of this type of massage. Be the first to discover it by giving it a unique experience. Contact us and we will explain the procedure.

Do you have a reliability policy?

If a client is not satisfied with the massage performed or with the chosen masseuse, they will be given an extra time or with what the centre’s management has stipulated at that moment.

We are convinced that our users must be satisfied at all times; this is the premise that has made them loyal to us during the more than 5 years we have been open to the public.

Any masseuse can have a bad day; therefore we promise to compensate in the event that it occurs, unlike most centres of the competition.

We hope that some of the doubts that may have arisen before reading this article are now solved. If not, you can always call by phone without any commitment and tell our friendly attendant. She will solve all the questions and answers about tantra massage and our way of proceeding, that you may have.