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The petting or how to go crazy with sex

Meet the petting or how to go crazy with sex without penetration

Is the sex getting cold with your partner? Do you think that the only sense of sex is penetration? Do you get bored with traditional sex every day? If you have answered affirmatively to any of these questions and want to know how to go crazy with sex, read on, because the answer is in the petting. Petting and erotic massages are closer each one.

What is petting?

It’s a term of recent use, which refers to a practice that is novel. If you are already in adulthood, you have probably experienced it more than once during your sexual awakening.

Do you remember those intimate moments with the person you liked, but with whom you did not reach the penetration? Did not they drive you crazy?

If we turn to its proper meaning, the word petting comes from the Anglo-Saxon term “to pet”, which refers to the act of kissing, caressing or pampering. Through this practice, a couple is sexually aroused by intimate caresses, but without reaching penetration.

In Spain, the closest term is “magreo”.

However, the word “magreo” remains somewhat scarce when defining this type of sexual practice. The term from English, has a much more specific meaning and therefore its use is extending, even among professionals in psychology.

This technique encourages you to enjoy sex in all its nuances; Of course, with one clear exception: it’s totally forbidden to reach vaginal or anal penetration. This unique but unequivocal prohibition is aimed at increasing sexual desire in the couple.

Is the orgasm also excluded?

Not in any way. Eliminating penetration doesn’t mean the elimination of orgasm but, in many cases, causes the opposite effect. The orgasm is the trigger almost impossible to avoid. The caresses, the rubs, the hugs and the kisses, constitute only the tip of the iceberg.

The way to implement the technique will depend on each couple. It can range from kisses or gentle caresses on clothes, to masturbation or oral sex.

Types of petting

This form of sexual relationship can be divided into three clearly differentiated degrees:

Grade I:

It refers to the initial phase, which may or may not go to the next level. In this phase, the couple is limited to the act of holding hands, kissing and hugging. We could say that it’s the most “harmless” phase, but at the same time it’s the one that gives rise to the following stages.

Grade II:

In this stage, the couple begins to get excited with explicit caresses on the breasts and genitals. Touching and friction are clearly sexual, but always with clothes on.

Grade III:

This is the last phase. It’s the one that goes one step further, because the caresses begin to be lavished under the clothes. In this phase, both can be naked and include oral sex and mutual masturbation. It also gives rise to the rub, which is the friction of the erect penises in the case of men, or the tribadism or rubbing of the vaginas, in the case of women.

What are the advantages of petting?

The advantages are innumerable and new discoveries are constantly being made.

If we speak in terms of health, this practice implies safe sex, since it prevents unwanted pregnancies. It’s indicated for people with problems of sexual impotence, anorgasmia or lack of sexual desire.

Speaking in terms of sexual desire, can intensely excite the members of a couple, it’s enough that there is the impediment of penetration, so that each caress is transformed into a sea of ​​explosive sensations and awakenings of unknown erogenous points.

An additional advantage of this technique, consisting of the magreo in its purest state, is that it completely eliminates the stress and anxiety that penetration usually causes.

What if we talk about the risks?

The risks are non-existent in Grade I and Grade II, and fully controllable in Grade III.

In this last phase, oral sex can spread sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, but the risk can be reduced (not eliminated) by the use of male or female condoms.

In short, it’s a wonderful way to renew sexual desire. Although its practice is more common among adolescents, it’s beginning to attract more and more followers among stable couples of adults, who little by little begin to enjoy their ability to go crazy with sex without reaching penetration.

Have you had any experience with the petting? Tell us about it!

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