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How to get through cheating without dying while trying


How to overcome an infidelity and not die trying

When you discover that your partner has been unfaithful there are countless traumatic situations within the relationship and a process that can lead to forgiveness or to the final separation.

No one is capable of coming to terms with infidelity the first time, so don’t feel lonely – you will feel that your whole world is coming down and in the moment you won’t believe you have the strength to forgive or overcome it. But give it time.

It is important to emphasize that an erotic massage is not an infidelity.

The best thing to do in these cases is to visit a professional who can help you overcome infidelity, working with you and your partner at a spiritual level, with the aim of channelling the relationship in the most convenient way for both. Now, if your pocket doesn’t allow this expense, we will give you some very useful tips that will help you to face and resolve this harsh situation.

What happens to you when you discover your partner’s infidelity?

  1. The first thing you feel is disbelief. With the passing of time that disbelief is transformed into shame, anger and deep pain.
  2. You feel helpless, you wonder what you have done wrong to experience such a betrayal.
  3. The feeling of desolation and abandonment increases.
  4. You begin to distrust everything you have experienced with your partner.
  5. Great wishes for revenge seize you.

How to act in the face of infidelity

If you know how to act when your partner has been unfaithful, it’s very possible that you can overcome that infidelity.

  • Come to terms with what has happened.

Denying reality, getting angry at the injustice or blaming them won’t help you at all. The first thing you have to do is accept it: yes, your partner has been unfaithful.

Now, there are many types of infidelities: is it an occasional infidelity with an unknown person? Has it been several times or just once? Do you know the other party?

All these questions will lead you to know what to face. There is no use obsessing or searching for enemies where there are none.

  • Learn to manage your anger and your pain

When you discover that your partner has betrayed you, it’s normal to feel deep pain. Live that pain until you exhaust it, don’t try to escape it, masking it won’t help you. But also put an end to it, licking your wounds indefinitely won’t help at all.

Seek help from your nearest and dearest. Feeling surrounded by your family and friends will give you a huge dose of comfort.

  • Put hands to work and face reality

You have seen reality, you have cried and you have shared with your loved ones, now it’s time to face it with dignity and integrity.

The path of tantra leads us to think that there are two ways to face the reality of an infidelity in a healthy way:

  1. Start from scratch and rebuild the relationship.
  2. Finished the relationship and look ahead to the future.

If you choose the third path that would imply continuing as if nothing happened, but permanently flooding the relationship with resentment, the only thing you will do is bring unhappiness into your life.

Ask yourself what you really want to do and what you are capable of doing. Assume that any road you take will be hard and will require a lot of work on both sides, but when you choose one, go for it fully…

  • Forgive infidelity

Forgiving doesn’t mean continuing with the relationship. To forgive means to gain in mental and physical health, in tantric energy that you will have available to reach union with your divine being.

You will need time for each of the previous points, but in all cases you need to regain normality in your life and, if you decide to continue, also regain confidence in your partner.

Keep in mind that, except in pathological cases, when there is an infidelity it’s because something did not work well in the couple. If you are going to decide to overcome infidelity and rebuild the relationship, the first thing is to detect what did not work that led to infidelity; from that moment, you will be half-way there.

And you, have you suffered any infidelity? Have you overcome it already?[/fusion_text]

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