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Orgasmic Meditation: What it is, what it is and its benefits

At Santai Massages, the art of touch is transformed into a unique sensory experience, and we are convinced that sensuality and connection with our own body are essential aspects to achieve physical and mental well-being. Our select menu of erotic massages in Barcelona is inspired by ancient techniques and adapted to the individual needs of each client.


Here is a specialized technique that combines elements of meditation and sensual stimulation: orgasmic meditation. Discover this revealing experience that invites you to rediscover and enhance your sensuality and vitality.

What is orgasmic meditation?

Orgasmic meditation is a practice that combines meditation and sexual stimulation to increase the connection between mind and body. The technique focuses on touch and the sensation of sexual energy, seeking a state of heightened awareness and greater intimacy between practitioners.

What is orgasmic meditation?

Choice of partner

Orgasmic meditation is often practiced as a couple, although not necessarily in a romantic relationship. The person receiving the stimulation is called the “receiver” and the person providing the stimulation is called the “giver“. It is important that both partners give explicit consent to participate in the practice.

Setting up the space

Before starting, a calm and relaxed environment is created. A blanket or cushions can be used to make the receiver feel comfortable. You can also play soft music, light candles or scents, anything that helps to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Connecting with the breath

Both people sit comfortably and begin to breathe deeply, focusing on the sensation of their breath and connecting with their body.

Manual stimulation

The giver uses his or her fingers to gently stimulate the genitals of the receiver. The idea is not to reach orgasm, but to focus on the sensation and the connection between mind and body.


During orgasmic meditation, open and honest communication between the parties involved is essential. The receiver can guide the giver about what they feel and what they need in terms of pressure, rhythm and location of touch.

Meditation and presence

Both people focus on the present moment, paying attention to the physical and emotional sensations that arise. This resembles the practice of mindfulness.

4 Benefits of orgasmic meditation

1. Increased body awareness

Orgasmic meditation can help people become more in tune with their body and experience a greater sense of pleasure.

2. Improved intimacy

By practicing this technique as a couple, emotional connection and honest communication can be fostered, which can result in greater intimacy and mutual understanding.

3. Stress reduction

Like other forms of meditation, orgasmic meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and focus on the present moment.

4. Improved sexual health

The practice of orgasmic meditation can contribute to greater sexual satisfaction by helping people explore and understand their own sexual needs and desires.

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