🔥What is the nuru massage?

The Nuru massage is synonymous with quality, sensuality and extreme pleasure. As its name suggests, it is done with an authentic special gel called Nuru. Nuru gel has different features for the skin, for example, it doesn’t leave a trace on the body and it’s odourless. Therefore, if discretion is important to you this is the ideal massage for you while also being a fun and erotic massage at the same time.

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How to do a Nuru massage

Erotic massage is considered by some cultures as something absolutely divine and is an act that captivates the desires of humanity since the dawn of sexuality. In addition, the ancient Japanese art of Nuru massage takes this experience even further, as a full-body erotic toboggan that is designed to link two bodies as closely as possible without penetration. Nuru, which means “slippery” in Japanese, is a type of massage that is performed completely naked, with the naked skin of the masseuse sliding along the skin of her partner with the help of a special thick, slippery massage oil, called “Nuru Gel. What do you need to do an authentic Nuru massage?

Nuru Gel

Before you begin exploring the Nuru massage you will need a Nuru gel to make the body to body massage slippery enough. You can find Nuru gels in online shops, sex shops and erotic shops, so in this case you won’t have any problem: an online search or a visit to a specialised store will do it for you. Nuru Massage Gel is totally odourless, tasteless, non-staining and designed to provide glide throughout the massage.

The super slippery water-based formula slides easily along your body and your partner’s body and can be easily wiped off with a towel. It has a fine, light texture, similar to that of massage oil, but much softer and silkier and without becoming sticky or lumpy. The Nuru gel can be easily rinsed and wiped with a damp towel or cloth or water. To avoid chills, we recommend that you heat the gel in a bain-marie.

Massage sheet

But since you don’t want to have to change all the sheets in your bed to enjoy a Nuru massage (or waste all the gel that the sheets will absorb) you need a synthetic sheet to put on the bed. Sometimes you can find complete Nuru massage kits in specialized shops that include the gel and the sheet.

Performing the massage

If you both have long hair we recommend you to pull it up. Put a little gel along your body and sprinkle a little on your partner: all this can be part of a sensual foreplay. Show your partner where you’re applying the gel, rubbing it sensually along your curves and also spreading it all over your partner’s body. The gel will already be warm and the rubbing of both bodies will activate that heat a little more. Play with your hands, body to body or as you prefer. The Nuru gel is not compatible with condoms if after the massage you want to move on to a second phase.

Body to body massage in Barcelona

Another of the qualities of the Nuru massage is that it is done on futon with a super slippery latex sheet to slide with your masseuse, causing a unique sensation that you cannot achieve with another type of erotic massage.

Nude massages

Needless to say, all participants in a Nuru massage or Body Body massage in Barcelona are completely naked for greater pleasure.

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👠How we do the Nuru massage in Santai?

The masseuse will remain completely naked at all times surfing your wet skin thanks to the Nuru gel. Our professional masseuse will be impregnated with oil and will caress the client with a surprising touch; later with her slides and erotic movements accompanied by different Tantric postures she will make your massage integrate perfectly into a cocktail of intense emotions.

Erotic nuru massage with oil

This is an oily massage that ends in a very special way. Our erotic masseuses will use the Nuru gel on the genital area and perform a short movement with exactly the right amount of pressure to help you enjoy incredible moments.

Where are the nuru massage done?

Nuru massages are usually performed on a comfortable tatami with an optional latex sheet for the client if desired. All our rooms are complete, decorated in detail and surrounded by mirrors where the client will be able to observe all the sensual movements of the masseuses on his body.

Nuru Massage Barcelona

All this while giving the utmost importance to the cosy, hygienic, chill-out style of our facilities, with strict daily cleaning, the best aromas, candles, air fresheners, incenses and relaxing music, which will help you open your mind and relax your body to receive one of the most complete erotic massages in Barcelona.

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How do i book the Nuru Massage in Santai?

We recommend booking in advance through our telephone or e-mail contact so that we can provide you with a better service, although we also attend without appointment. However, we have a high demand so we recommend booking.

Do you want to practice an erotic game with our masseuse or your partner? Do you have a lot of accumulated stress?

Book your erotic Nuru massage and enjoy a sea of sensations.