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Music in tantra massage

A tantra massage with oriental ambience offers great benefits to improve our mental and physical state, it’s a relaxation and wellness section where we enjoy a good panorama and a nice music that delights our senses and helps us to enjoy tantra music in a massage.

The ear is an essential sense for relaxation

Listening to music increases health levels and provides a great sensation, especially in an environment where aromatherapy is enjoyed with inspiring fragrances that make a massage with oriental setting take us to a deep meditation.

It’s a special level of attention, quality and excellence which many people are incorporating into their lives to improve their quality of life. Where experts point out that certain types of music, especially tantra music, favour the increase in the production of endorphins, especially when receiving a sensitive massage.

Importance of releasing endorphins

Endorphins are substances that the organism possesses and that function as neurotransmitters of good vibration, which improves the attitude of people and promotes happiness. Listening to pleasant, relaxing and happy music increases the production of endorphins – hormones of happiness – which in turn, stimulate the general feeling of well-being of the body.

These attenuate the pain and in every massage centre tantra is presenting the tendency to accompany their massage treatments with relaxing music. Well-being increases when we are received by the talent formed to understand the spiritual and psychic needs of being and leave us as new.

Tips to enjoy a massage with tantric music

To relax while we are applying a massage, what can help to achieve that feeling of serenity we are looking for, is to connect with the best thoughts, with enthusiastic memories and with the warmth of a female companion.

We will achieve it more easily if we are assisted with tantra music that increases our spirits. In an environment of complete calm where what matters is the ability to enjoy the detachment of the material and the enjoyment of the imperceptible and important of life.

When we come to an appointment in the centre, we go with many emotional burdens and physical fatigue that we want to get rid of. Our tension is very high, but when we arrive we enter a relaxing oriental visual, olfactory, sensory and sound environment with quiet music, our levels of anxiety will drop quickly.

We can achieve the climate of peace because they aim to ignite positive emotions. Enjoying good music is an activity that activates the use of all areas of the brain simultaneously. Enjoying a relaxing massage in a serene and spiritual environment brings us many benefits.

It’s a therapy that involves the activation of all the senses and helps to distract us and reach important levels of slack that facilitate us the full rest and the absolute concentration that we all deserve.

The music and the quiet environment connects us with good thoughts

The importance of music and the environment in a erotic massage centre is fundamental to recover the spiritual, physical and emotional beauty, a tranquil horizon that activates the good emotions of the people.

Good tantra music is a key piece because by connecting with the melody, which gives us the tantric centre at times when we feel burdened, we will relax and anticipate with a better attitude towards those situations of tension.

Benefits of connecting with music when performing a massage

Clarify the mind

This practice will produce strength and safety to reach relaxation points that help us to alleviate tensions and bring positive thoughts to face certain circumstances more calmly, giving an opportunity to react with awareness and reflection, avoiding irritation, anguish or confusion.

Improve blood pressure

The tantra music helps to calm the heart rate and to diminish the accelerated breathing with what the sensitive massage will be much more repairing and releasing of muscular tensions by anguish or exhaustion. Likewise, the calming tone of the environment helps lower high blood pressure, which results in excellent results.

Activate blood circulation and muscle tone

A massage in which an aromatic extract is used to activate blood circulation and muscle toning, with musical ambience of nature improves the intensity of concentration, movement and coordination of the body.

The tantra music in a massage as auditory message and the oriental environment as a relaxation centre is a deep and positive sensory experience that controls stress, favours balance and brings us peace, health and total well-being.

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