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Most common sexual fantasies in men

Most common sexual fantasies in men - Santai Blog English

Male eroticism is a universe that every man carries within and the sexual fantasies of men are multiple, some endorsed by most men, others only contemplated by a limited number. Throughout this Santai article we reveal what men really like and what the most common sexual fantasies are.

10) In the last place of our particular ranking we find the exchange of partners: many men would like to exchange their partner with another partner, a typical fantasy, especially among men who have been in a relationship with the same person for a long time and feel the need for an extramarital experience without betraying your partner.

9) Many men would like to have a bondage experience, that is, being tied up and blindfolded by a woman while playing the role of sexual object where the woman is the dominatrix.

8) Anal sex: many men say they would like to try this type of sex at least once in their life, but only 5% dare to do it. At Santai we offer you the possibility of trying something similar, without the need for penetration, discover the prostate massage!

7) This point leaves everyone speechless: in seventh place is receiving oral sex on public transport. It is surprising how many men share this particular sexual fantasy: trains and planes are the most popular places of desire, but buses and subways are too.

6) Seeing the partner having sex with another man: Unbelievable, but true, many men admit that they are turned on by the idea of seeing their partner “possessed” by another man.

5) Another recurring fantasy among men is that of having a mature woman, an experienced person who can teach them the secrets of love. Often, in fact, it is the man who takes the reins of the game, instead, in their most intimate feelings men dream of being guided, step by step, towards sexual Olympus.

4) Having sex with a stranger: Although it is not a particularly crazy sexual fantasy, it is one of the most popular. Have casual sex with a woman you’ve never seen before.

3) Among the preferences of men is to record a sexual video: often it is the woman who does not want to indulge in cinematographic exhibitionism, but more and more men like to see their performance in a second moment.

2) In second place, among the sexual fantasies of men is 69, the position in which the man and the woman orally stimulate the genitals simultaneously. It is a position that gives pleasure to both and many men say that they also experience satisfaction in giving pleasure to their women. Although other philosophies claim that men prefer this position to have a greater sense of control over their partner, even greater than traditional sex. If you want to try a completely new and sensual experience, don’t miss our erotic massage for a couple.

1) The first place on this list does not surprise us, quite the opposite. The vast majority of men admit that they would like to participate in a love triangle: first as a spectator while two women have a lesbian relationship and then as the protagonist of a threesome. The idea of being able to possess two women at the same time gives the man a kind of sense of power and invincibility, revealing his full hunter nature. Haven’t you tried our 4-hand erotic massage yet? If your dream is to be in the hands of two women, you cannot miss this erotic experience.

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