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Massage oils that will drive you crazy

Using essential oils and massage to apply erotic massage is highly recommended, why is it recommended? It’s highly recommended because this type of oil will hydrate the skin, and in turn will allow the massage itself to be much easier, since both the hands and the body of the masseuse will slide better by the body. This is why it’s advisable to use oils and not moisturisers, and in the case of moisturisers, they are absorbed quickly.

What else will a body oil give us when it comes to a massage? The body oil will help the body to tone up on the other hand softens the skin, and relaxes the muscles. In addition, another of the things that we use oils during massage is that we will eliminate toxins and also combat stress.

What are the benefits of oils in body-to-body massage?

Using oils for body-to-body massages will have many advantages and benefits, such as:

The use of oils will enhance the elimination of toxins.

The oils will reactivate the blood circulation and also the lymphatic circulation, making the nutrients reach the cells themselves.

There are some massage oils that make the effects of the massage last several days.

Using massage oils, the skin will slip much more easily.

Massage oils will enhance harmony and balance.

If we receive the massage on the feet, this will favour the elimination of tensions and will also cause a deep pleasure.

They will provide a sense of general well-being, while being a holistic experience.

What types of massage oils are there?

In the world of tantric massage oils, we find different types of oils depending on the effect they produce.

Aromatherapy oils: these are, for example, avocado oil, jojoba almonds, etc., which also have therapeutic benefits.

Special essential oils to work specific physical areas of the body, which will depend on what you are looking to obtain.

Relaxing oils: As for example lavender oil, will greatly enhance the purification of the skin due to its multiple properties.

Oils to relax the tension of the muscles.

Oils that are used to combat stress.

Oils to nourish and tone the skin.

In the world of massage, imagination has a lot of power. That’s why we recommend you not to hesitate when choosing other aromatic oils for your massages. Do you dare to try different oils during your massage? Dare to discover more!

What kind of massage oils can you use?

One of the easiest ways to amplify your senses is to introduce different types of essential oils during your massage. And is that you can enhance and multiply your sensations and the effects of caresses using just a few drops of essential oil.

Essential oils will stimulate both your body and your mind, during your erotic massage you can always choose to play using essential oils that will give you extra sensations. Going into the world of essential oils, there are some that are purely aphrodisiac, others that besides that, will also improve your well-being.

What essential oils do we recommend at Santai Masajes?

There are many essential oils that can be used during an erotic massage, however, do you really know the properties and effects that each of them has? We tell you so you can choose the best one for you! Let’s start:

Ajadrea: This is a type of massage oil with aphrodisiac properties, which in addition to activating the sexual instincts will combat mental fatigue. We especially recommend this type of essential oil in cases where a marathon workday has been given. Do you want to know the recipe? A few drops of this essential oil plus the caresses of your masseuse and… you will be as good as new!

Basil: In this case this type of oil will have stimulating properties, and apart it will multiply the effect of the massage enormously.

Anise: This is an essential oil that as in the previous case will also be stimulating. However, one of the fundamental qualities of this type of oil is the taste it has. From our point of view, performing a massage using this oil with your hands, would be wasting it. Use it in more intimate moments.

Orange blossom: This essential oil is considered forbidden if you want to have long nights of passion since this oil has the property of favouring drowsiness. If you want to use it, save it for the final phase of the massage, if you decide to use it at the beginning it’s very possible that you fall asleep during the massage.

Cinnamon: A massage oil that also has numerous erotic properties, this type of oil can also be licked.

Clove: If you use it in erotic massages it will have a great retarding power, and it will improve the cases of premature ejaculation. However using this oil it’s advisable not to overdo it and use only one drop.

Geranium: On this massage oil it has always been commented that it improves notably the fertility. If you want to increase the family, don’t hesitate and ask for your massage with this oil. Apart from this the geranium oil is also a very strong body firming.

Lemon: Lemon is used especially when the massaged person has a headache, or migraine. With a few drops you will get the headache disappear.

What are the most aphrodisiac massage oils?

As for oils with a high aphrodisiac power, the following stand out:

Musk: Its aroma will strongly encourage sexual attraction, it will also enhance sensuality and on the other hand the feeling of pleasure felt by both people, both the masseur and the massaged person.

Patchouli: This massage oil is used many times to combat frigidity, it also has very good results with erectile dysfunction, and in cases of very low libido will get to increase libido considerably.

Vanilla: This type of massage oil will have a sweet and mild aroma, will help to secrete even more hormones (both oestrogens and testosterone) will also significantly increase the sexual appetite and promotes excitement.

Cinnamon: Strongly encourages sexual desire, also increasing both sexual energy and libido.

Jasmine: This type of massage oil will make the person free of inhibitions, also increases sexual desire considerably, and in cases of sexual impotence will help considerably.

Ylang Ylang: This massage oil will have special effect in cases of sexual fatigue, or frigidity and even in cases of impotence, likewise it’s used with a lot of result as a sexual tonic.

Try these oils and we assure you… you won’t regret it!

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