What is a massage with a happy ending?

A massage with a happy ending means that it is a massage that not only relaxes the receptor, but also seeks to make him/her reach orgasm. There are many types of happy ending massages and the way to “finish” the massage also depends on how the receptor feels more comfortable. In a happy ending massage there is no coitus, but all the stimulation is done manually, to the client’s liking and without penetration of any kind.

Benefits of Happy Ending Massages

Massages with happy endings have long been denigrated and reviled as an easy way to relieve man’s stress. Very often focused on the exclusive stimulation of the genitals and practiced by foreign girls (most of them Asian), happy ending massages in recent years have lost the meaning they had in the beginning, where what was intended was relaxation, care and attention to the client at all levels, not only on a sexual level. At Santai we have a cured erotic massage portfolio that takes the concept of happy ending massage one step further.

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What massages offer happy endings?

Within our menu of erotic massages you will be able to find the most outstanding for offering the massage with happy ending that you are looking for, here are the ones that offer it:

Types of massages with happy endings most in demand

At Santai we have a wide range of happy ending massages. All our massages seek the stimulation and total relaxation of the client, with the added objective of making him/her feel comfortable and cared of from the moment he/she arrives at our centre. Discretion and courtesy, together with the experience of our team of women and men manage to make customers feel cared for and help them enjoy a sensory experience at the highest level.

What is the difference between our massages with happy endings?

In all our erotic massages you have the option of ending with a happy ending. Slowly and relaxed without haste so that you end your massage in a state of maximum relaxation. Not to be confused with sex, because we do not offer this service, we offer a unique erotic and relaxing experience with our expert masseurs. Undoubtedly an oasis of pleasure within Barcelona. End your massage with a happy ending with the masseuse you like.

The masseurs of Santai Masajes

We have highly qualified female, male and trans masseurs who are experienced not only in the physical part of the massage but also in the psychological part: taking care of the client, making them feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. All our masseurs are experienced and physically attractive professionals who like to take care of their body and enjoy their work.