Massage Benefits

/Massage Benefits

Massage oils that will drive you crazy

Using essential oils and massage to apply erotic massage is highly recommended, why is it recommended? It’s highly recommended because this type of oil will hydrate the skin, and in turn will allow the massage itself to be much easier, since both the hands and the body of the masseuse will slide better by the body. This is why it’s advisable to use oils and not moisturisers, and in the case of moisturisers, they are absorbed quickly. What else will a body oil give us [...]

Techniques and tips to give an erotic massage to a man

Erotic massage can be a fun and different alternative to increase desire in the moment prior to sex. It’s a set of caresses that are intended to stimulate and produce pleasure in the couple without genital contact. These massages reinforce the couple’s relationship by being an intimate moment of exploration. Or you can learn about massages with a professional erotic masseuses. […]

Relaxing massage in Barcelona

Who has not gone through some stress in their life? For many this is the bread of every day, either because of work or certain personal problems that affect a lot. That is why to release pressure or relax, many people opt for a delicious relaxing erotic massage Barcelona. And this results in a great option since massages have been used since ancient times as a therapeutic way to relieve stress, some ailments and even clear the mind. Over the years, many specialists have been [...]

Santai Masajes on Cadena Ser

As usual, Santai Masajes is appearing in the media, which echo the sensitive and erotic massages we offer in our centre. If on other occasions we have appeared in the newspaper El País, Antena 3, or Catalunya Radio; this time we refer to the appearance on Cadena Ser. If you want to listen to it, here is the link (minute 54): Santai Masajes on Cadena Ser

Tips for massaging women

Massaging a woman can mean a method to alleviate the stress and tensions of a long day of work but also as a game prior to sexual activity. Yes, a simple massage given in the right way and just making her enjoy it can make intimacy as a couple improve remarkably. So don’t miss these tips to massage a woman. […]

Gay Erotic Massage

Erotic massage for gay clients This new article will be dedicated to one of our most select audiences within our Santai erotic massage Centre, erotic massages for gay clients and lesbians in Barcelona, taught by both our male masseurs and our female masseurs. That is why we are delighted to be able to pay a little more attention to one of our most loved groups; both for his personal tastes and for his totally open mind, which also identifies us as a leader in [...]

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