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Tips to be a good masseuse

With the stress under which people live it’s necessary a space to relax. Nowadays, aesthetic centres, spas or massage centres have proliferated all over the world, but it’s worth mentioning that it’s always advisable to go to a professional in these areas when receiving any type of massage therapy. The different therapeutic erotic massages help people with chronic and acute pain, there are people with a natural gift for it and with hands that are considered magical. But in life everything can be learned and [...]

Thai Massage, what is it?

Today we want to talk about Thai massages, this is a type of massage that focuses on perception, on the other hand, this erotic massage is one of those that bring a greater stretch to the body, and depth. Normally this type of massage, usually occurs on the floor, with the person massaged in comfortable clothes but allowing movement. In Thai this type of massage, receives a very long name that means "old fashioned massage". Who invented this type of massage? This type of massage [...]

Games and accessories for erotic massages

What is behind a great erotic massage? Like all good professional work, it includes a series of complements along with a good personal hygiene kit where Santai Masajes puts at your disposal everything necessary to obtain an optimal result when it comes to putting yourself in our wise hands; from aromatic candles, with its incense included, to a professional relaxing oil more than surprising. What accessories do you need for a good erotic massage? From always the great precursors of most of these erotic massages [...]

Benefits of prostate massage

The prostate is part of the male reproductive system. It’s a gland that is attached to the urethra and bladder. Its function is to secrete a substance that stimulates the movement of sperm. The benefits of prostate massage are linked to a lower chance of prostate cancer, as well as many other problems linked to it. That is why we offer our prostate massage in Barcelona with all the benefits it entails.

The art of erotic massage with caresses

By definition, we can equate it with a feeling of a positive nature whose main function is to satisfy, in the most natural way, some need. Generally affective type within our body. And one of the things that also causes great pleasure are the ineffable caresses, perfect complement to any erotic massage that boasts. The importance of giving erotic caresses Is this the perfect formula? Given its multiple benefits for our body and mind through them. There are more and more sexologists and doctors, who [...]

What are sensitive massages?

Sensitive massages, like all types of known erotic massages, are a resource used to relieve the ailments that we can suffer normally. In this article you will know everything you need to know about these massages and how they work in our body. The sensitive massage is not exactly a kind of massage that is used in a therapeutic way, being rather aimed at people who are totally healthy but who can help them deal with the stress that we live in our day to [...]

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